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Schilling Show wins five Associated Press awards

| April 25, 2016 | 8 Comments

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Schilling Show host, Rob Schilling, recently was recognized by the Associated Press with five awards for his reporting and journalism over the past year.

At the April 23, 2016 Virginias Associated Press Broadcasters Awards, Schilling was presented with the following Non-Metro Radio citations:

In addition, the Schilling Show’s broadcast home station, WINA AM/FM, won the AP’s Outstanding News Operation of the Virginias and received a total of 18 awards from the Associated Press.

The Virginias Associated Press Broadcasters Awards covers television and radio broadcasting in both Virginia and West Virginia.

About the Author:

Rob Schilling is founder of The Schilling Show Blog and News; host of WINA's The Schilling Show, heard weekdays from noon to 2 PM; husband; father; and community watchdog.

8 Comments on "Schilling Show wins five Associated Press awards"

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  1. Ed Yensho says:

    Well done, Rob!

  2. VERY WELL DESERVED!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Carole Thorpe says:

    Congratulations, Rob! It’s gratifying to see your hard work so richly rewarded.

  4. Jon Sutz says:

    Congrats Rob!!! The Community Watchdog gets five more bones – from the AP of all places!!!

    I wonder how those City Councillors who banded together to get you replaced regret that move now, as you are able to create far more awareness and accountability via your radio show and activism, than you ever could while sitting among them.

    Awesome work!!!


  5. Amie Cotton says:

    Congratulations Rob! Thanks for all you do to keep our community alert!

  6. Congratulations Rob, I never realized how, truly, talented you are. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy, keep up the excellent work! God bless you my friend.

  7. Schilling Show says:

    Thank you, my dear brother, Doug.

  8. Barbara Brown says:

    Congratulations, Rob. You do deserve this. Nice work.

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