In the wake of a graphic sex-education scandal at Western Albemarle High School (WAHS), a department chair has been placed on administrative leave.

Frank Lawson, head of the WAHS physical education department, approved two explicit video presentations—a new curriculum improperly suggested for the school by the Sexual Assault Resource Agency (SARA).

Lawson will remain under suspension while the Albemarle County Public Schools complete a “due process” investigation into the matter.

As originally reported by The Schilling Show, SARA has been barred from further interactions at all Albemarle County Public Schools.


  1. Look, he is probably getting paid, the schools know there are only five/six weeks until summer, and they’re doing damage control. If people in Albie are satisfied that SARA was dropped and this guy is being thrown under the bus, then they are lemmings. Fact is, this is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the crud being spewed to kids in public schools. Poor Lawson, somewhere along the line, was likely told by higher-ups that SARA was going to contribute to the school curriculum; I would think that, if he unilaterally made this call years back, at least an admin would have had to approve the collaboration.

    Re: SARA…silly me. When I spent 16 years living in the Cville area, I thought SARA was an organization that taught women how to avoid and prevent becoming a victim of sexual assault and then offered counseling, advocacy and legal assistance in the tragic event that someone was assaulted. I did not the know breadth of their mission. In what other are schools does SARA peddle its propaganda?

    Public schools are pleased to accept all the money they can get from anywhere and then happily bend over to serve their government sugar daddies. That’s why the Fed has so much influence.

    No problem though; WAHS has epic sports teams!


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