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2/3/12: To download a copy of the North Downtown Residents Association (NDRA) report on the downtown mall, click here.

10/18/12: Watch Spottsylvania sherrif’s deputies invade the home of Matthew Lux: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_2nxbjdoR0

10/18/12: To help Hunter Hale call Kim West 540-423-1127 or email  Kim for more info.

10/2/2012: Read Albemarle County Board of Supervisors’ Equal Rights Resolution (which condemns the us Constitution) and Community Planning Month Proclamation (which lauds planners—a group notoriously hostile to property rights).

10/2/2012: Watch Evan Coyne Maloney’s Teacher Union Video, The Machine.

9/24/2012: To read James Lambert’s article about George Washington’s religious beliefs, click here.

9/19/2012: Dr. C.L. Gray will be hosting Healthcare-Forums in Virginia.  For more information about these forums, including dates and times, click here.

9/10/2012: For more information about the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute and on donating to bring Star Parker to talk at UVA, click here.

8/24/2012: For more information on saving Shayna the Miracle Dog, click here.

8/20/2012: Bruce Herschensohn is the author of Obama’s Globe.

8/7/2012: Horace Cooper discusses Victims of Voter Fraud.

7/25/2012: Bob Bowcock outlines the cost for a Granular Activated Carbon System.

6/27/2012: Jim Smyers exposes George Sorros’ attempt at Voter Registration Fraud in Virginia.

6/11/2012: See Lila Rose and Live Action’s Gendercide undercover sting videos on gender-based abortions.

6/11/2012: Read Matt Barber’s column on Why Christians Should Vote for Romney.

6/8/12-To purchase Michael Hyatt’s book Platform at a special price, click here.

5/4/12-Click here for more information on The Ash Lawn Opera or to email Michelle Krisel for information on becoming a part of one of their productions.

4/23/12-Click here for Lowell Ponte’s Newsmax piece on Obama’s autobiography

4/16/12-Click here for more information on the suit against The Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority and the contact information for Stan Braverman and Bob Fenwick

4/9/12-Click here for Hans A. von Spakovsky’s paper on Voter Identification: Protecting the Security of Elections

3/16/12-Click here for Tony Katz’s story on the Lake County, Florida Democrat Headquarters flying a American Flag with President Obama’s face on it.

2/28/12-Click here for Jim Patterson’s book “Fighting Today’s Wars”.

2/16/12-Click here for Ray Comfort’s film “180”.

1/30/12-Kevin Freeman discussed his book Secret Weapon.

1/26/12-Matt Barber discussed his article “Fearing Newt Gingrich.”

1/11/12-Jerry Day’s video on Smart Meters: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8JNFr_j6kdI&feature=player_embedded

1/3/12-J. Christian Adams on Woodbrook Elementary 3rd Grade students songs on the occupy movement.

1/3/12-Rick Sincere’s proposal for ballot access reform.

12/28/11-Clare Lopez discusses Iran’s role in the 9/11 attacks

12/22/11-Click here for more information on Rob Roselli

12/22/11-Click here to see Virginia 2nd District Congressman Scott Rigell’s Merry Christmas video.

12/22/11-Click here for more information on Renee Culler for Congress in South Carolina’s 7th District.

12/20/11-Click here to read Peter Ferarra’s thoughts on President Obama’s economic policies.

12/15/11-Click here to learn more about Lowes pulling advertising on the show “All American Muslim.”

12/5/11-Watch Larry Taunton’s rejected 3:16 Superbowl Commercial: http://lookup316.com/?page_id=141

12/1/11-Some belated parental advice to protesters by Marybeth Hicks

12/1/11-Goods made in America: http://americansworking.com/

11/30/11-Colleen Owens discussed the City of Richmond auditing the Richmond Tea Party.

11/15/11-Read Phyllis Schlafly’s analysis of the Equal Rights Amendment

11/10/11-For more on Operation D.A.P. visit the Operation D.A.P. facebook page or to mail a donation send it to: C/O Operation D.A.P. Browns Chapel United Methodist Church 361 Thomas Rd. Dillwyn, VA 23936.

10/25/11-For more information on voting presents visit The Virginia Public Access Project or Albemarle.org

10/3/11-Click here to download the free pamphlet: The Law That Governs Government

9/29/2011-As discussed with Christina Proffitt, see the controversial Greene County Schools Superintendent photograph.

9/23/11-Jefferson Area Tea Party’s Leadership Institute Seminar is 11/19 at the Blue Ridge Cafe. Contact Sam Edwards 434-589-6699.  For more information on the seminar click here.

9/20/11-For more information on Truth In Accounting click here.

9/20/11-For more information on Andre van Heerden and “12 Biggest Lies” click here.

9/15/11-Read Matt Barber’s Dominionist Manifesto.

9/9/11-For more information on Peter Gadiel and 9/11 Families for a Secure America,  click here.

9/9/11-To purchase John Guandolo’s song, America (Land of the Free)  click here.

8/23/11-For more information on Patrick Heron click here.

8/8/11-Send an email to Tom Slonaker to report misconduct by Albemarle County officials.

8/8/11-Click here for more information on the White House taking aim on rural America.

8/8/11-Click here for more information on Planned Parenthood promoting sex to young kids.

8/5/11-Click here for more information on Davy Boggs’ ministry and Greene County officials shutting down his revival.

8/2/11-Click here for Bill Wilson’s thoughts on the debt deal.

7/22/11-Read David Toscano’s remarks on Sustainability and the Jefferson Area Tea Party.

7/22/11-Call 1-800-468-2646 and mention you heard it on The Schilling Show to get free information from Andrew Gause on gold.

7/21/11-For more information from Ed Braddy click here and here.

7/20/11-Matthew Vadum discussed James O’Keefe’s Medicaid Fraud video.

7/15/11-Joseph Klein discussed exploiting the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

7/15/11-Sean Cannan and Lela Graham discuss the University of Virginia and abortion.

7/6/11-Call 800-630-1494 to receive a free copy of Lowell Ponte’s book

7/6/11-Click here for more information on The Carson Raymond Foundation.

7/2/11-Click here for more information on same-sex marriage and the black community.

6/29/11-Click here to petition for an abortion warning label.

6/24/11-Click here to take the Barack Obama Test.

6/22/11-For more information on Richard Geller’s Oxygen Remedy click here.

6/17/11-For more information on Chris Dumler’s campaign click