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Show Notes

12/4/2018: Click here to download/view the text of a proposed amendment to the Charlottesville City Charter, regarding election of City Council.

5/7/2015: Click here to download Steve Peters’ helpful thoughts for dealing with grief and loss

1/28/15: The phone number for the national human trafficking hotline is: 888-373-7888.

12/24/14: If you would like to write to the District Judge, here is the address:

United States District Judge
Eastern District of Virginia – Richmond Division
701 E. Broad Street
Richmond, VA 23219

12/10/14: Click here to support and find out more information about the Community Christian Academy.

11/4/14: Click here to watch a video of a voting machine error.

10/17/14: Visit Terry Sharpe’s Facebook page here to stay updated on his walk with Allen Brown to support Andrew Tahmooressi.  You can also follow the journey here.

9/17/14: Click here to learn more and donate to Albemarle Rogue Theatre

9/17/14: Visit Terry Sharpe’s Facebook page here to stay updated on his walk to Washington, D.C. with Allen Brown to support Andrew Tahmooressi.

9/12/14: Click here to read Jane Dittmar’s Pride Festival Day resolution.

8/19/14: Click here to read George Rasley’s article, Rick Perry Indictment A Political Assassination.

8/1/14: Click here to watch a video of SWAT illegally entering Michael Lux’s home.

7/16/14: Click here to read John Whitehead’s article, What I Don’t Like About Life in the American Police State.

7/14/14: If you would like to opt out of the smart meter on your home, call 1-866-566-6436.

7/9/14: Click here to visit the People of Choice website.

6/24/14: Click here to watch the video Why Can’t Chuck Get His Business Off the Ground?

6/16/14: Click here to read more about Noelle Davis’s home remodeling disaster.

5/23/14: Click here to find out more information about the Vietnam War Foundation and Museum and their open house this weekend.

5/12/14: If you would like more information about Adopt VA Kids, visit their website here or call 1-888-744-9972.

4/30/14: If you would like to donate to the Kiwanis Club’s Eliminate Project, which helps to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus, click here.

3/10/14: If you would like to opt out of the smart meter on your home, call 1-866-566-6436.

2/28/14: Click here to read Doug Giles’ article, Sexing Up Your Kids,  on Clash Daily about the book, It’s Perfectly Normal.

2/17/14: Click here to sign up for western bypass hearing.  (Link active after 2:00 p.m. today)

2/3/14: Click here to sign a petition to impeach Attorney General Mark Herring.

1/20/14: Bennie Dodd, T.C. Howard, Howie Campbell, Steve Baber, and Pastor Doyle Thomas, Jr. will be performing for a praise benefit concert at The Haven on February 4th at 6:30 pm.

1/20/14: If you would like to register for the Albemarle-Charlottesville Republican Women’s League dinner with John Whitehead, mail $33 by January 23rd to ACRWL Reservations, P.O. Box 5727, Charlottesville, VA 22905.

1/16/14: Click here to read an article from One News Now referencing today’s guest, James L. Lambert, of Marijuana Harms Families.

1/13/14: Click here to read Michael Snyder’s article, 28 Signs That The West Coast is Being Absolutely Fried With Nuclear Radiation From Fukushima.

1/6/14: Click here to read Bob Unruh’s article, White House Nightmare: Eligibility Case Still Alive.

1/3/14: Click here to learn more about the Central Virginia Health Alliance for Musicians.

12/27/13: Click here to buy Newcandescent light bulbs.

11/18/13:  Click here to download the Judicial Watch FOIA Handbook.

10/29/13: Click here to download Matt Bracken’s book Foreign Enemies and Traitors.  It is free for the Kindle this week.  Click here to read his article “When the Music Stops – How America’s Cities May Explode in Violence.”

10/15/13: Click here for Matt Barber’s article “The Left’s New Crusade: Kids Having Sex With Adults.”

9/23/2013: Click here for a video of students being banned from handing out Constitutions at Modesto Junior College.

8/23/2013: Download the Gun Violence Messaging guide.

8/9/13: Find out how much your Obamacare health insurance will cost your family here.

7/31/13: Cindi Burket will be running for the Scottsville seat on the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors.  You can email her at cincha@aol.com or call her at (434) 249-4564 with any questions.

7/19/13: Click here for more information about Richard Rothschild or to support him in his efforts fighting the EPA.

7/12/13: If you have Dominion Power would like the smart meter removed from your house, call 866-566-6436.

5/1/13: Click here for information on removing smart meters from your home.

4/29/13: Click here for Rick Buchanan’s expose on Conservation Easements.

4/12/13: Click here for Tom Perriello’s view on the Second Amendment and assault weapons ban and here for an article about the NRA endorsing Perriello.

2/15/13: For more information on how the stormwater tax will impact churches, contact Vicki Adkins at First Baptist Church at 296-6195.  You can also voice you opinions to council@charlottesville.org.

2/8/13: Contact Scottsville Town Council and urge them to tell Mayor Barry Grove to make a statement on Chris Dumler’s service on the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors.

2/7/13:  For more information about the Chris Dumler recall petition or to sign it, contact Earl Smith at earlsmith@centurylink.net.