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10/3/11-Click here to download the free pamphlet: The Law That Governs Government

9/29/2011-As discussed with Christina Proffitt, see the controversial Greene County Schools Superintendent photograph.

9/23/11-Jefferson Area Tea Party’s Leadership Institute Seminar is 11/19 at the Blue Ridge Cafe. Contact Sam Edwards 434-589-6699. For more information on the seminar click here.

9/20/11-For more information on Truth In Accounting click here.

9/20/11-For more information on Andre van Heerden and “12 Biggest Lies” click here.

9/15/11-Read Matt Barber’s Dominionist Manifesto.

9/9/11-For more information on Peter Gadiel and 9/11 Families for a Secure America, click here.

9/9/11-To purchase John Guandolo’s song, America (Land of the Free) click here.

8/23/11-For more information on Patrick Heron click here.

8/8/11-Send an email to Tom Slonaker to report misconduct by Albemarle County officials.

8/8/11-Click here for more information on the White House taking aim on rural America.

8/8/11-Click here for more information on Planned Parenthood promoting sex to young kids.

8/5/11-Click here for more information on Davy Boggs’ ministry and Greene County officials shutting down his revival.

8/2/11-Click here for Bill Wilson’s thoughts on the debt deal.

7/22/11-Read David Toscano’s remarks on Sustainability and the Jefferson Area Tea Party.

7/22/11-Call 1-800-468-2646 and mention you heard it on The Schilling Show to get free information from Andrew Gause on gold.

7/21/11-For more information from Ed Braddy click here and here.

7/20/11-Matthew Vadum discussed James O’Keefe’s Medicaid Fraud video.

7/15/11-Joseph Klein discussed exploiting the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

7/15/11-Sean Cannan and Lela Graham discuss the University of Virginia and abortion.

7/6/11-Call 800-630-1494 to receive a free copy of Lowell Ponte’s book

7/6/11-Click here for more information on The Carson Raymond Foundation.

7/2/11-Click here for more information on same-sex marriage and the black community.

6/29/11-Click here to petition for an abortion warning label.

6/24/11-Click here to take the Barack Obama Test.

6/22/11-For more information on Richard Geller’s Oxygen Remedy click here.

6/17/11-For more information on Chris Dumler’s campaign click here.

6/15/11-Bill Morgan and Andy Thompson discussed, Does God Exist? Questions about God and creation? Call Bill Morgan at home, 714 898 8331.

6/13/11-For more information on Bob Greenslade click here.

6/8/11-Read more about Government Gone Wild.

6/8/11-For more information on author John McTernan click here.

6/6/11-Read Art Carden’s evaluation of the Minimum Wage and related problems.

6/2/11-For more information on Joel Skousen visit http://joelskousen.com

5/26/11-For more information on Erick Stakelbeck click here.

5/25/11-Click here to view the video of Bradlee Dean.

5/23/11-Click here for more information on Avi Lipkin.

5/19/11-Click here to view the web cache of the Centers For Disease Control’s Zombie Preparation Plan

5/19/11-Download Brian Brawdy’s report, Black Out: The Top 11 Threats To the Power Grid.

5/16/11-Click here for more information on Chad Hawk’s mission trip to Ghana.

5/16/11-Click here to support Frankie Girard and the US Flag.

5/16/11-For more information on inflation from Craig Smith call: 1-800-289-2646.

5/13/11-Click here for more information on Father Spirit.

5/12/11-Click here for more information on John LeBoutillier.

5/12/11-Click here for more information on James Lambert.

4/28/11-Click here for more information on UVa Beyond Coal.

4/28/11-Click here for more information on Defend Your Healthcare.

4/27/-11-Click here for more information on the 1998 Sustainability Accords.

4/18/11-Click here for more information on Eddie Cornelius.

4/18/11-Click here for the Citizens For A Sustainable Water Supply petition.

4/14/11-For more information on light bulb regulation click here.

4/13/11-For more information on the Carson Raymond Foundation click here.

4/13/11-Carole Thorpe discussed the Jefferson Area Tea Party Tax Day Tea Party Event.

4/13/11-Lowell Ponte of Crashing The Dollar joined the program to discuss Thomas Jefferson.

4/11/11-Click here for more information on the Charlottesville-Albemarle NAACP.

4/8/11-Click here for the “Eat The Rich” video.

4/4/11-Click here for more information on the 2011 Walk For Life.

4/1/11-Ken Buck joined the program to discuss his efforts to pass the balanced budget amendment.

3/31/11-Click here for more information on The American Islamic Leadership Coalition.

3/29/11-Click here for more information on Parental Rights.

3/15/11-Read James Lambert’s article on the Democrats efforts to limit U.S. oil production.

3/15/11-Click here for more information on The Jefferson Area Tea Party.

3/15/11-Click here for more information on the Irish singing duo Essence.

3/15/11-Read the Albemarle Truth in Taxation Alliance’s report on school efficiencies and performance.

3/11/11-Click here to read Robert Ringer’s article on the collective bargaining dispute in Wisconsin.

3/11/11-Click here for more information on Robert Mitchell’s book “Castaway Kid.”

3/11/11-Click here for more information on The Patrick Henry Boys & Girls Plantation.

3/11/11-For more information on controversy around the proposed Muslim Center in Charlottesville, click here.

3/5/11-Jim O’Neil discussed “The Plan” – Agenda 21 and the Death Knell of Liberty.

3/5/11-Click here for more information on The Brian Carderelli Project.

3/3/11-Click here to take the American Civic Knowledge Quiz.

2/28/11-Click here for the video of a union member assaulting Tabitha Hale.

2/28/11-For more information on the Ayn Rand Institute click here.

2/24/11-For more information on the movie Grace Card click here.

2/21/11-For more information on government spending click here.

2/18/11-Click here for more information from JB Williams, and click here for more information on Patriots Union.

2/18/11-Call 800-289-2646 and mention “The Schilling Show” to get a discounted copy of Craig Smith’s book.

2/11/11-Thomas Paine discussed TSA Searches and Traveler’s Rights, for more information click here.

2/11/11-Bill Hall and William Washington discussed The Bridge Ministry and Cville Classic Cars car restorations, click here for more information.

2/7/11-Click here for more information on Jefferson Area Tea Party Chairman Carole Thorpe’s meeting with Charlottesville Mayor Dave Norris.

2/3/11-For more information on Citizens in Charge click here.

2/3/11-Click here to read the Family Resource Council’s brief in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

2/2/11-Kristie Shifflett discussed Moms In Touch.

2/1/11-Skip Oliva discussed “Eight Crazy Constitutional Scenarios”.

2/1/11-Click here for more information on the American Belaurisian Relief Organization, click here for their Facebook page.

1/28/11-Michael Bisceglia & Leon Oliver discussed their podcast: Outside The Box with Mike and Leon.

1/25/11-Dan Varroney President of American Solutions discussed No More ObamaCare.

1/25/11-James Lambert discussed the attempted removal of the Mt. Soledad Cross.

1/21/11-Robert Ringer discussed The Debt Ceiling Scam.

1/21/11-Kevin Cox discussed profanity at the Free Speech Monument on Charlottesville’s Downtown Mall. Click to see picture.

1/20/11-Tom Nolan discussed the estate tax.

1/19/11-Click here to contact State Senator Steve Martin.

1/19/11-John Raymond discussed The Carson Raymond Foundation.

1/17/11- Calvin Helin discussed his book The Economic Dependency Trap: Breaking Free to Self-Reliance .

1/14/11-Alex Epstein discussed the Six Myths About Oil.

1/12/11-For more information on the Virginia Rally For Life click here.

1/5/11-For more information on Jean Price’s Constitution Class call: 434-985-1298.

1/5/11-Singer/Songwriter Richard Addrisi discussed his musical career. Here is his hit song Cherrystone.

1/5/11-Chris Markowski discussed the economic revival of the South.