Well, we don’t quite get it, but Rob’s former on-air partner and current WINA Morning News co-host, Jane Foy, claims that our Fearless Leader deserves the credit for Rob’s return. Listen to Rick Daniels and Jane discussing the topic, and then let us know if you can make the connection.


  1. I feel Rick’s comments were saying that the locals used the idea of “Yes We Can” to effectively lobby to have you back on WINA.
    Jane is poking you and pulling your leg.

  2. I thought it was a stupid comment by Jane, and I don’t think she was just poking fun at Rob…although she can use that as an excuse for her ignorance. I am sure Rob’s return just sticks in their craws. He can wipe up the floor with the lot of them.

  3. Let us not try to create a competition here where none exists. Foy’s show and Schilling’s show have different purposes and thus can not rival each other.

  4. You know, I suppose my comments aren’t kind or diplomatic…but I am so tired of the obfuscation in the media. Rob tells everyone how he stands. He speaks clearly with no interpretation needed…and unusual for local radio, he is smart and well informed as well. If you didn’t have the sense to figure it out on your own…like I have with Jane, Coy, etc….you would still know going in what his point of view happens to be. NO FALSE ADVERTISING

  5. Could a comparison with Barack Obama and the return of the Schilling
    Show rest with activity from the “grass roots”, especially in what could
    be termed inhospitable territory, Virginia for Obama or any Democrat
    and Schilling in Charlottesville/Albemarle County?

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