Virginia AP government teacher: Live life on your own terms

Guest editorial By: Stephen Samuel Roszel VIII The year is 2021. I am a man. As a man, I am declaring that I will live my...

Dumbed down: Woke grading comes to Charlottesville High School

Charlottesville High School (CHS) has found a novel way to ensure “equity” in student achievement: dumb-down the grading scale. A school-wide email from principal, Dr....

Exposed: Institutional harassment and intimidation of GOP poll watchers in Albemarle County

Steve Harvey, local Republican organizer, details institutional harassment and intimidation of GOP poll watchers—those attempting to prevent Democrat subversion of "early voting" in central...

Marx Warner: Communist VA Senator pushes housing/wealth “equity”

Communist (Democrat) United States Senator, Mark Warner (VA), pushes for housing and wealth “equity” in his latest email missive.

No show: Key witness bails on Jaeger testimony leaving Commonwealth’s case in jeopardy

Former Charlottesville Police Officer, Jeffrey Jaeger, is a step closer to complete vindication. Jaeger, convicted last December on trumped-up charges of misdemeanor battery, immediately appealed...

Bad medicine: BRHD vax advice undermined by debased “science”

Central Virginia’s COVID-hysterical Thomas Jefferson Health District (aka BHRD) has lost what little credibility it had. In urging “pregnant people” to get “vaccinated” BRHD defies...

1000 words: Vax and mask failure leave stunned vax-ee COVID positive

From an honest Facebook friend, now questioning what s/he’s been told (sold) by media, government, globalists, and mainstream medicine.

Stop scapegoating the cop: An open letter to Chip Boyles regarding former CPD officer...

by: Vicki Sullivan Dear Mr. Boyles, It seems as if I constantly hear and read news stories coming out of the city of Charlottesville over the...

Medical malpractice: UVa spreads life-threatening ivermectin disinformation

A recent UVA Today story on “new” COVID-19 treatments featured opinions of University of Virginia’s Dr. Patrick E. Jackson, an assistant professor and physician...

Video: Dr. David Martin discusses COVID vaccines and virus on The Schilling Show

Dr. David Martin, founder and chairman of M•CAM Inc and Batten Fellow at the University of Virginia's Darden Graduate School of Business Administration, discusses...