Guest editorial: Good People on Both Sides—The Truth About Charlottesville

It may help to understand how I and others like me feel the way we do about Confederate monuments, if you learn about who we are.

Do-as-I-say: Albemarle County Supervisors’ climate-action hypocrisy

Albemarle County’s recent purchase of a “Community Engagement Field Office”—also known as a Ford Transit van—smacks of waste and hypocrisy by those who have...

Living large: Sheffield and JAUNT “brass” extravagant travel expenses exposed

Pursuant to a Settlement Agreement reached in Schilling v. JAUNT, Inc.—wherein documents related to executive travel expenses were requested from JAUNT, and initially denied—the...

TKO: Schilling prevails over JAUNT in FOIA clash

Following a long and protracted legal battle, Schilling Show host, Rob Schilling has prevailed in his open records lawsuit against JAUNT, Inc. The Settlement Agreement...

No justice: Brian Lambert seeks peace with lawless Charlottesville courts

Brian Lambert, convicted of misdemeanor trespassing for removing illegally placed tarps from protected monuments in Charlottesville, discusses the lack of justice in local courts.    In...

1000 words: Helmet-less, masked rider exemplifies Charlottesville COVID insanity

Spotted in a local neighborhood: a "masked" cyclist without a protective (and legally required) helmet. Insanity abounds.

Mixed messaging: Albemarle County spurns “women,” lauds SARA in sexual assault proclamation

In presenting their virtue-signaling proclamation, “Supporting the Goals of Sexual Assault Awareness Month,” the Albemarle County "equity and inclusion" staff made a rather embarrassing...

Trans-formative: Albemarle middle-schooler gives God a lesson on gender and sexuality

God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. —Genesis 1:27 Or so...

Guest editorial: Why Jesus was in such agony on the night he was betrayed

by: Floyd Artrip The scriptures tell us that on the night he was betrayed, Jesus led his disciples to the Garden of Gethsemane to pray....

Sinking ship: Charlottesville General Registrar quietly resigns

In another manifestation of ongoing institutional turmoil at Charlottesville City Hall, General Registrar, Melissa A. Morton, has relinquished her position, effective April 19. Morton was...