Freed by faith: A Christian case for mask exemption

The following letter was prayerfully composed in concordance with Christian principles and then submitted to a governing board for consideration. It is shared here...

Drug kingpins: Virginia Kroger Pharmacy won’t sell Ivermectin to prescription holder

Citing company policy and guidance from the “Board of Pharmacy,” a Virginia Kroger store has refused to sell Ivermectin to a prescription holder. Technocratic insanity...

Video: Dr. Robert Malone discusses US Covid policy on The Schilling Show

Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of mRNA vaccination, joins host, Rob Schilling, on The Schilling Show to discuss US COVID policy, vaccination concerns, and where...

Unraveling: Police Benevolent Association calls-out angry Charlottesville Police Chief; low morale; dwindling, depressed officers

Following years of mistreatment of Charlottesville police officers at the hands of their own administration and Chief, the Virginia Police Benevolent Association (VPBA) has...

Fake news: Charlottesville media magnates ignore write-in school board candidate

Randy Zackrisson announced his write-in candidacy for the Samuel Miller District School Board seat on Wednesday, before an assembled crowd of over 40 concerned...

1000 words: Maskless “COVIDIOT” disrupts Charlottesville “Face Freedom” rally

A gathering of patriots demanding "face freedom" and resisting government-school tyranny interrupted by a maskless, screaming "COVIDIOT" at Charlottesville's Pen Park. Recorded August 14, 2021.

Truth out: Bellamy Brown warns police oversight board of CPD leadership crisis

Charlottesville Police Civilian Review Board chair, Bellamy Brown, warns fellow board members of an ongoing and dire leadership crisis in the Charlottesville Police Department. Recorded...

Bombshell: Charlottesville City Schools planning random group/individual COVID testing for students and staff

An August 12 email from Charlottesville City Schools (CCS) Community Relations Coordinator Beth Cheuk to all CCS staff contained a bombshell revelation: Possible Regular COVID...

Under the bus: Charlottesville Police Department officer sacrificed at the altar of wokeness

Former Charlottesville police officer Jeffrey Jaeger got a raw deal. Despite performing his job in accordance with Charlottesville Police Department (CPD) policy, Jaeger was strung-up...

Un-Gag order: Greene County School Board votes “masks optional”

By a 3-2 margin, the Greene County School Board voted Wednesday to make “masks” optional for the coming school year. The motion, presented by Jason...