Gary O'Connell leaving Albemarle County Service Authority The Schilling Show

GO: Gary O’Connell leaving Albemarle County Service Authority

Gary O’Connell, executive director of the Albemarle County Service Authority (ACSA) is leaving the building. Multiple job-seeking sites are advertising O’Connell’s position as open,...
Anti-Israel resolution Charlottesville City Council The Schilling Show

Stopped clock: Charlottesville City Council votes “NO” on anti-Israel ceasefire resolution

 A resolution before the Charlottesville City Council, entitled “Calling for An Immediate Ceasefire and An End to Violence in Israel and Palestine,” was defeated...
Covid fearmongering at Fashion Square Mall Charlottesville The Schilling Show

1000 words: COVID fearmongering returns to Charlottesville’s Fashion Square Mall

Apparently, no one in management got the message that six-foot “social distancing” was a figment of Fauci’s imagination, as this outdated and deceptive sign...
Broken Mirror UVA The Schilling Show

Guest editorial: Broken Mirror, Poor Reflection

by: Hank Martin Thomas Jefferson's intent for the University of Virginia reflected his vision for education, democracy, and the enlightenment ideals of the time. Founded...
Albemarle Co graffiti

1000 words: Anti-police, pro-Antifa, pro-anarchy graffiti in Albemarle County

“F12,” “Antifa,” and “161” graffiti spotted off the Rivanna Trail near Wegman’s in Albemarle County.
Angela Davis whitewash at JMRL

Whitewash: JMRL conceals radical history, sings praises of communist Angela Davis

In its ongoing celebration of Black History Month, the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library’s (JMRL) Northside branch omitted damning history regarding honoree, Angela Davis. A library display...
Sutherland Middle School renaming cultural purge The Schilling Show

Justice denied: “Sutherland” flag still hangs in school gym 3.5 years after cultural purge...

The hypocrisy of Albemarle County’s school-renaming frenzy is exhibited on a wall at the former Sutherland (now Lakeside) Middle School. On display, three-and-a-half years...

Bob Good interview on The Schilling Show

Virginia’s Fifth District Representative, and chair of the House Freedom Caucus, Bob Good joined WINA’s The Schilling Show in-studio to discuss issues of the...
Royal Gurley SRO Charlottesville High School

Eating crow: Charlottesville City Schools considers rebranded School Resource Officers, weapons detectors

Charlottesville City Schools (CCS), under the feckless “leadership” of superintendent Royal Gurley, have become a dangerous place for students, faculty, and staff, alike. Contrary to...

Philip Zodhiates interview on The Schilling Show

Philip Zodhiates shared his harrowing story of being prosecuted and jailed simply for following his Christian faith, on the February 1, 2024 edition of...