1000 words: Leftist professors suck

1000 words: Leftist professors suck

Mason Pickett, Charlottesville's "sign" man, manifests his disdain for leftist professors and for socialists.

On the rocks: Daily Progress loses editor, publisher

Following the unceremonious dismissal of Daily Progress editorialist, Jim “Lefty” Spencer, mere months ago, the newspaper seemingly has eliminated two other key positions. Editor Lynne...
Daily Progress “mis-races” white pastor as “Black”

1000 words: Daily Progress “mis-races” white pastor as “Black”

The Charlottesville Daily Progress has publicly identified a local white pastor as “Black,” in a blatant case of “misracing.” In a recent story on a...

Profli-gate: Albemarle County spending tax dollars to encourage spending of tax dollars

Profligate spenders abound in Albemarle County government as documented in an April 20 County press release. Previously, the Board of Supervisors has wasted taxpayer money...

Downward spiral: Albemarle schools employees unload on “unbearable” working conditions

Despite administration’s portrayals to the contrary, all is not well behind the scenes at Albemarle County Public Schools (ACPS). A recent “morale” survey conducted by...

Guest editorial: Taxation without commiseration

By: Marlene Condon Every year a government assessor decides how much our homes are worth for the purpose of taxing our real estate. This method...

Dr. Robert Malone on the Schilling Show Unleashed Podcast

Robert W. Malone, MD, MS is the inventor of mRNA vaccination; and author of Lies My Gov’t Told Me (and the Better Future Coming). In...

1000 words: Albemarle’s Jack Jouett Middle School disrespects the American Flag

Albemarle County’s Jack Jouett (“Journey”) Middle School has a serious etiquette problem in displaying the American Flag. For several days running, Old Glory has been...

Sacked: Editorial editor Jim “Lefty” Spencer out at Daily Progress?

Jim “Lefty” Spencer, the extreme leftist editorial page editor of the flailing Charlottesville Daily Progress, appears to have left the building. After weeks of editorial...

Flunked: Court rules against “inept” ACPS administration in FOIA case

In an open records lawsuit brought by Albemarle County parent Brian Vanyo against Albemarle County Public Schools (ACPS), General District Court Judge Matthew Quatrara...