Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!

—Isaiah 5:20

Charlottesville City Government has devoted tremendous public resources to promoting “Unity Days,” which the City describes as follows:

We the community members of Charlottesville come together this summer in a spirit of healing and unity for a variety of events that educate, inspire, and honor people in our community in order to move towards economic and racial justice.

Conceived in the wake of the deadly August 12, 2017 “Unite the Right” rally, Unity Days was intended to “inspire and honor” in contrast to the violence, death, and destruction of that fateful day in Charlottesville history.

From its inception, Unity Days, was a political manifestation masquerading otherwise. The governing board is comprised primarily of cultural Marxists and social agitators who do not promote unity in their words and actions. The events largely have glorified leftist political ideology and have inspired greater divisiveness.

Perhaps the crown jewel of 2019 Unity Days was the “Call to Action Fair,” whose aim is to “get citizens involved with organizations creating change and action within Charlottesville.”

Featured in the Fair’s lineup were a few relatively innocuous “organizations” including the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library, Computers4Kids, and Literacy Volunteers of Charlottesville.

These, joined by more overtly political groups favoring open borders, lawlessness, and gun control among other far-left causes.

But the “honoring” of those who lost their lives or were otherwise traumatized on August 12, 2017, would not be complete without the glorification of infanticide, as promoted by Call to Action Fair participant, Blue Ridge Abortion Fund.

This debased organization encourages donors to “build power” by funding abortion:

Funding abortion is an act of radical care that affirms our belief that all community members should have the agency and the resources to make their own decisions about their bodies.

In addition to their efforts to normalize and even celebrate the dismemberment of unborn humans, Blue Ridge Abortion Fund delusionally refers to their destructive mission as “compassionate abortion care.”

Absent from the Abortion Fund’s website or the City’s Fair propaganda is the fact that black Americans, while only 13% of the nation’s population, account for 36% of abortions, subsidized primarily by wealthy white benefactors. This disproportionate minority contact with the doctors-of-death at America’s abortuaries would make for an enlightening discussion at next year’s Unity Days.

In the City of Charlottesville, exchanging the truth for a lie has become a way of life. And in a place that once chose to “honor” 9/11 victims with community face painting and jam bands, perchance it is fitting to “honor” our own victims by celebrating “unity” in the destruction of innocent human life.

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Rob Schilling is founder of the multi-award-winning Schilling Show Blog and News, proprietor of Schilling Show Media; host of both the Schilling Show Unleashed Podcast and WINA's The Schilling Show heard weekdays at noon; husband; father; worship leader, Christian recording artist and Community Watchdog.


  1. American voters support stricter gun laws by 66 to 31 percent. “Innocuous” groups like Computers4Kids and Literacy Volunteers of Charlottesville might well be described as “godly” because they heed the Biblical command to care for the poor and needy.

    In any case, it’s easy to be cynical about self-congratulatory “unity” events that just bring together like-minded people, but obvious questions arise, questions like why you people didn’t join in? If you didn’t like the city government’s definition of economic and racial justice, why didn’t you get yourselves on the program with some events of your own instead of standing on the sidelines and sniping? Was your disdain of SJWs not worth putting aside for a few days for the sake of building relationships that might actually do the city some good?

    Blessed are the peacemakers. Not the critics, the preachers, the people who stand aside and scoff. The peacemakers.

  2. In answer to Ken – no, stricter gun control is NOT supported by that high a percentage – you see, the ‘poll’ will ALWAYS show what the pollster wishes to show. That is done by the wording used. In the Charlottesville area, ‘joining in’ isn’t possible when not all of the people are ‘like minded’. That phase itself SHOWS how non-inclusive the entire event was. The people you are slamming for not joining DO have events of our own, and we get promptly slammed by the SJWs for not believing in the liberal ‘party line’. And the ‘peacemakers’ in Charlottesville are the ones trying so hard to destroy, NOT build relationships. It is extremely difficult to even try to find common ground when one group is constantly attacked and vilified by the other. And in Charlottesville, unless you are of the BLM, pro-abortion, whites are horrible and the cause of ALL evil, pro-LGBTQ-XYZ multiple gender and tear down war memorial crowd – well, there is just no place in the city for you.

  3. in Charlottesville, unless you are of the BLM, pro-abortion, whites are horrible and the cause of ALL evil, pro-LGBTQ-XYZ multiple gender and tear down war memorial crowd – well, there is just no place in the city for you.

    That’s oversimplistic of course, but not entirely untrue. Charlottesville has many intolerant lefties, but it also has many left-leaning people with whom you conservatives can have civil conversations. If you’re willing to. If you’re not the pot calling the kettle black.

    The whole point of having unity events is to bring together people of differing opinions for food and entertainment and other things they can all enjoy, and have that be a stepping stone to getting to know each other as individuals instead of just political and ideological opponents. That in turn can lead to political conversations that are more than just useless debates, conversations in which people listen to each and maybe learn to respect each other, and maybe even make productive political compromises.

    It’s incumbent on both sides to try to find common ground like this, even if there isn’t much of it to be found. What events has your side held to try to defuse tensions? Or would we all rather just throw stones and complain about having stones thrown at us?

    In regards to polls, if a poll always shows what the pollster wishes to show, then no polls can be trusted, and then you have no basis for saying that stricter gun control isn’t supported by a percentage of Americans, because you, like me, have no way of knowing.

    Also, if a majority of Americans didn’t want stricter gun control, Trump wouldn’t be hinting he might support it.

  4. What does “stricter gun laws” even mean? This is a poll completely void of context, aka, specific regulations backed by statistics to support them. One person’s concept of stricter laws will be vastly different than another’s.

  5. Wrong, Al. People who want stricter laws will disagree about which would be strict enough and how many we need, but you guys will oppose each and every one of them. Why would that be? Obviously because you know they’re stricter.

  6. It is routinely shown that people who “want stricter gun laws” know little about the laws currently on the books. They are speaking from a “we have to do something” emotion. As for “unity days,” I have rarely seen a community as obsessed with re-living the past as Charlottesville. From the media to self-appointed community leaders, there is a constant flow of obsession with August 17th. Again–like with the gun law polls–many people who want to obsess on August 17th know little about the governmental machinations (from McAuliffe on downward) that provided the gasoline to cause the explosion. At least Terry Mac has a piece of pulp fiction recently published to attempt to whitewash his role.

  7. “Local progressives are obsessed with the past, buy don’t mess with our commemorative statues because they’re history (and they wouldn’t be if they were moved to a history museum).”

    When you see reenactors on the Mall talking about a Lost Cause you’ll have a point. Until then, you’re looking in a mirror.

    As for that explosion, social media chatter alone demonstrates that Kessler’s guests welcomed violence.

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