Two young thieves were caught on camera, rifling through cars and ultimately stealing a 2018 Honda CR-V and trailer from Charlottesville’s Meadows neighborhood.

Following provision to law enforcement, video of the incident was released to The Schilling Show in effort to further identification of the criminals and return of the vehicle and trailer.

An accounting of the event was provided by the SUV’s owner:

I had just returned home from out-of-town, where I had loaded up the very last items from my mom’s house and things from a business I’d sold last year.

It was late when I emptied the car of my personal belongings. I manually locked the doors, and thought I had brought my key fob inside (although, it turns out I’d forgotten it in the car).

The next morning when I went outside, no car or trailer.

We immediately called the police and filed a report. A couple of days later I saw my neighbor directly across the street and told him what had happened. He has a security camera and offered to check it, and voila, there they were, caught on camera.

There was nothing stolen of great monetary value, but a number of the items were earmarked for a family of legal Afghani immigrants I’ve been helping. Two are dentists and one a doctor and a computer engineer. All fled Afghanistan when the Taliban took over. They left a wonderful life in Afghanistan for a two-year nightmare journey, like you sometimes hear about on the news.

I’ve had to call the police department three times to find out what’s happening with the investigation and to inquire if they had received the video. They had not, because it was sent to the wrong email address. Still, I’ve received no follow up after sending it again.

I’m not a critic of the police department. I know they have much more serious issues than my little car but we’re talking grand larceny!

In the aftermath of this theft, we’ve spent hours upon hours of shopping for a car within our budget. And while the trailer sounds trivial in comparison, it’s actually what I’m missing the most, as I can’t pick up the furniture I’ve found for the precious Afghani family I’m helping to get back on their feet.

All parties are presumed innocent until proven guilty. Anyone with information on the stolen property or possible suspects may contact the owner via The Schilling Show.

See depictions of the stolen 2018 Honda CR-V and trailer below:

Brazen thieves steal car in Charlottesville The Schilling Show

Brazen thieves steal car in Charlottesville The Schilling Show







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