Charlottesville Police Civilian Review Board chair, Bellamy Brown, warns fellow board members of an ongoing and dire leadership crisis in the Charlottesville Police Department.

Recorded on August 12, 2021


  1. When you have CPD leadership (Brackney, overpaid and underqualified) facilitating protests that block major intersections repeatedly with these BLM and Antifa activists who are dancing in the middle of the street chanting “You gonna lose yo job, oh yeah!” to the very officers who are there protecting them how do you expect morale to be? Let’s not kid ourselves this is about RACISM…it’s about black people rebelling against white officers, and then leadership cowtowing to the activists to get a white officer fired. You wanted to defund the police, you want to make them hesitant to go after lawbreakers for fear of retaliation, OK you got it….but those criminals who are causing problems live in the same black neighborhoods where these activists who were chanting live and now THEY are subjected to this increase in crime…not me, they don’t come to my neighborhood. So this is a problem of their own making…so i say Too Bad, So Sad…wah wah you reap what you sow..

  2. Bellamy Brown is anti cop. He may be portraying support, but historically across his social media, he has bashed law enforcement. He has probably purged it since then, but be aware of wolves in sheep’s clothing.

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