Guest editorial: UVA doctor wakes from coma but remains severely brain damaged

by: Sheila M. Furey, MD The field of medicine has had tremendous highs and lows. With Covid-19, we have seen the best that medical science...

Gutless: Tom Tom festival kicks namesake Jefferson to the curb

Following the cowardly example of the Thomas Jefferson Health District, the United Way —Thomas Jefferson Area, and a host of others, Charlottesville’s own Tom...

Perriello-esque: Panicked Moy campaign cancels confirmed Schilling Show interview

In a move straight out of the Tom Perriello playbook, Virginia 5th District GOP congressional challenger, Dan Moy, has ditched a previously confirmed interview...

New politics: GOP Congressional candidate Moy tied to Democrat political operatives

Dan Moy, Charlottesville GOP Chair and recently announced intra-party challenger to Congressman Bob Good (VA-05), may be more—or less—than he appears. Many political observers were...

Separate but equal: Fluvanna elementary teacher proposes “segregating” unmasked students

In a shocking echo of historic Democrat racial segregation policy, a teacher at Fluvanna County’s Carysbrook Elementary School has contemplated segregating "unmasked" students in...

Dazed and confused: Resident Biden’s embarrassing EV mental meltdown

Joe Biden suffers a mental meltdown during a conversation with General Motors CEO, Mary Barra.  In the exchange, Biden cannot remember what kind of...

Guest editorial: UVA and the New “McCarthyism” — An Insider’s Perspective

By: Joel Gardner One of my earliest memories is sitting with my mother as a pre-kindergartener watching the McCarthy hearings in the spring of 1954....

Brain dead: Ignorant Virginia Sen. Louise Lucas kills life-saving ivermectin prescription bill

In a straight party-line vote of the Virginia Senate Education and Health Committee, State Senator Louise Lucas and her merry band of fellow ignorami...

1000 words: Hudson, Perriello separated at birth?

Philosophically, they are fellow travelers. But, former Fifth District Congressman, Tom Perriello, and current 57th District Delegate, Sally Hudson, certainly bear a striking resemblance.

Freakout: Albemarle County teachers panic over Youngkin mask-choice order and “maskholes”

In a wholly predictable social media conversation, local “educators” are panicking over the possibility of unmasked students (aka “maskholes”) being permitted in their presence. The...