Jackpot: Secret contract amendment nets boon for Charlottesville City Manager Richardson

Charlottesville is extremely generous when it comes to paying-off employees deemed inept or ill-fitting. To wit: Former Police Chief Al Thomas: The City fired him for...

1000 Words: Trump signs vandalized in Fluvanna County

This and several other Trump signs were vandalized in Fluvanna County early this week.

1000 Words: Anarcho-Marxists vandalize Republican Party of Virginia headquarters

From the RPV: Richmond, VA - Last night, the Republican Party of Virginia's headquarters was vandalized. RPV Chairman Rich Anderson issued the following statement: "Under cover...

School Daze I: Albemarle County Government Schools indoctrinate that US Constitution is racist

In their coordinated and ongoing effort to destroy America student-by-student, Albemarle County Government Schools have reached a new low. Inside sources reveal that all Albemarle...

White flight: Herring drops Democrat Governor bid; McAuliffe to follow?

Mark Herring, the most extreme and most destructive Attorney General in Virginia’s history, desperately wanted to be Governor. In 2015, his play-nice deferral to now-Governor,...

1000 Words: F*** UVA

The pictured doorway is just down from the Rotunda, Room 38 on the Lawn at the University of Virginia. Unnamed sources advise that University President,...

No Mask, No Eat: The dangers of bowing to a totalitarianism police state

Schilling Show Unleashed Podcast host, Rob Schilling, visited a Charlottesville restaurant without an "approved" mask. See what happened next... Presented on Facebook LIVE, September 2,...

1000 Words: UVa Equity and Inclusion Calendar excludes Christians

The overfunded and counter-productive bureaucracy known as the University of Virginia Office for Equal Opportunity and Civil Rights, apparently is excluding calendar references to...

Facebook LIVE: 50 ways to love your neighbor in the age of COVID

In the age of COVID hysteria, much as been said about “loving your neighbor.” Pseudo-Christians, pagans, and atheists alike are using Biblical passages to compel...

1000 Words: Charlottesville hiring Deputy City Manager for Racial Equity

Present state of Charlottesville City Government diversity and inclusion: Black City Manager: ✔︎ Black Police Chief: ✔︎ Black Mayor: ✔︎ Black Schools Superintendent: ✔︎ Salary...