1000 words: Antifa.com links to Whitehouse.gov

Coincidental to Joe Biden's installation, Antifa.com now auto-forwards to WhiteHouse.gov.

Harmful government: Albemarle County’s historic preservation hypocrisy

Albemarle County government is rife with hypocrisy. A recent County “news” email teased racial controversy in its divisive headline, Preserving Harmful Histories: Exploring the 1909...

1000 words: Partisan political cram-down in Albemarle County middle school

Disturbing photos and compelled student discussion as presented online to Albemarle County middle school students post January 6, 2021, by largely left-biased “virtual” classroom...

FOIA flap: Schilling sues JAUNT over records lockdown

Schilling Show host, Rob Schilling, has filed an open records lawsuit against local, government-funded transportation provider, JAUNT, Inc. Following indications of fiscal irregularities at the...

Media Hypocrisy: DC “Stop the Steal” rally analysis from a Biblical Worldview

Schilling Show Unleashed Podcast host, Rob Schilling, examines media and political hypocrisy in coverage of the January 6 "Stop the Steal" rally in Washington,...

Banned song: Blake Shelton’s “Minimum Wage”

The Schilling Show—for your listening pleasure and to satisfy your curiosity—brings you a snippet of Blake Shelton's hard-to-find new song, "Minimum Wage." Leftist Social Justice...

1000 words: Democrats praying to Brahma in the U.S. House

Debased Democrat “prayer” to “Brahma” and other gods delivered in the United States House of Representatives, January 3, 2021, by Rep. Emanuel Cleaver MO-05,...

Orwellian overlords: Albemarle County government bans the word “Christmas”

Cultural Marxism apparently now informs the operational language of Albemarle County government communications agents. A December 23 news release from the County notifies citizens that...

Toothless: Albemarle County Police won’t enforce Northam’s unlawful curfew diktat

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has a problem. In his December 14, 2020 Executive Order Number Seventy-Two, Northam imposed the following: MODIFIED STAY AT HOME...

BREAKING: JAUNT executives under investigation for spending irregularities?

An internal source at JAUNT, a Charlottesville-based regional public transportation system, informs the Schilling Show that the agency is under investigation. The unconfirmed report states...