Patrick Joseph McNamara motion to dismiss Charlottesville The Schilling Show

Patrick Joseph McNamara, falsely accused of assault and battery, will have his charges dismissed as delineated in a filing by Assistant Charlottesville Commonwealth’s Attorney, William W. Tanner.

According to the document obtained by the Schilling Show, the unnamed victim had claimed that she was “100% positive” McNamara was the person who assaulted her; however, surveillance video evidence obtained in the course of investigation has undermined the prosecution.

The Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Motion concludes, after a recitation of facts and evidence, that: “There is no longer proof beyond a reasonable doubt to support this prosecution. WHEREFORE, the Commonwealth respectfully requests that this Honorable Court consider this motion the dismiss the charge against the Defendant.”

This is a breaking news story; further information will be provided as it becomes available.

Read the Charlottesville Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Motion to Dismiss the case against Patrick Joseph McNamara.

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