Congregation Beth Israel Rabbi Emeritus, Dan Alexander, denounced Hamas for the 10/7 terrorist acts against innocent Israelis, at the April 1 Charlottesville City Council meeting.

The Hamas atrocities Alexander referenced were:

  • Raping of Israeli women and men
  • Maiming of the bodies of slaughtered Israeli victims
  • Brazen abduction of Israeli hostages including babies and the elderly
  • Joyfully posting videos of their barbaric deeds against innocent Israelis

Alexander’s remarks were interrupted several times by pro-Hamas, 10/7 deniers shouting “lies” in an attempt to silence his recitation of documented fact. In an attempt to maintain order, Mayor Juandiego Wade admonished the unruly crowd, but to no avail.

At issue, was an anti-Israel “cease fire” resolution defeated on a 3-2 vote at the March 18 City Council meeting, revived for reconsideration.

Previously, only councilors Michael Payne and Natalie Oschrin supported the resolution, while Wade, Lloyd Snook, and Brian Pinkston opposed.

During the April 1 discussion, Pinkston, in Fenwickian fashion, flipped his vote to join Payne and Oschrin, as Snook and Wade abstained Snook abstained and Wade voted “no.” The resolution passed with three votes in favor and none against.

Watch Rabbi Alexander’s complete remarks before Charlottesville City Council:


  1. Do you think any of these jewish academics and leaders who have spent the last 50+ years trying to undermine the mere existence of the Europeans who created this great country have an ounce of self reflection or regret on their actions since 1913 as their useful idiot pets turn on them?

  2. I, for one, will never forget what jewish institutions have done to my country. Islam is a direct threat, however Judaism is far more evil in the way that it takes advantage of and subverts those with empathy. At least Islam makes their intentions clear.

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