Rob Schilling guests on Newsmax TV’s National Report

Schilling Show host, Rob Schilling, discusses Democrat hypocrisy on Newsmax TV's National Report with Emma Rechenberg. Program originally aired October 27, 2020.

1000 words: Daily Progress muffs deadline headline

Here's what passes for editing at the Daily Progress, as seen in the October 25, 2020 online and print versions of the flailing paper.

Worn out: Haas says “Politics, No; BLM Yes” on bus driver apparel

To the dismay of many Albemarle County government school bus drivers, Superintendent Dr. Matt Haas has decreed "Black Lives Matter" apparel as appropriate work...

Mutiny: Albemarle County teachers revolt against schools’ reopening plan

Albemarle County Public Schools’ (ACPS) Superintendent, Dr. Matt Haas, stepped out on a limb when he urged the School Board to partially reopen the...

Flip-flop: CPD silently removes Chief’s “political” pictures from Facebook

Following a detailed SchillingShow.com exposé on seemingly inappropriate political activity by Charlottesville Police Chief, Dr. RaShall Brackney, some information quietly has been removed from...

Tangled Webb: Charlottesville Police Chief Brackney attends Democrat political rally on-duty?

Charlottesville Police Chief, Dr. RaShall M. Brackney, attended a Democrat political rally, photo-op, and "voter registration drive" in Charlottesville’s Rives Park, apparently while on-duty. The...

1000 words: Parking lot politics at Greenbrier Elementary

Democrat political signs posted for at least five days in the parking area at Charlottesville’s Greenbrier Elementary School. This is the school’s most highly visible...

Guest editorial: An examination of The University of Virginia’s Cavalier in the age of...

by: James C. Wilson, Jr. Given all that we are currently witnessing in regards to the eradication of history and the destruction and removal of...

1000 words: The filthy truth of mask-making unmasked

Certainly not every mask is constructed under such conditions, but some are. Do you know where your mask was made and under what conditions?

1000 words: Albemarle County offers “free” face coverings, climate info, and Halloween Bingo

Albemarle County, newly flush with a nearly $9 million surplus, has decided to get generous on your dime! “Free” face masks “Free” voting information ...