In an historical echo of former Charlottesville City Manager, Maurice Jones, present Charlottesville City Manager, Sam Sanders, has ceded Lee Park to lawlessness.

The overpaid and under-qualified Jones bumbled in 2011 when he enabled a group called Occupy Charlottesville to commandeer Lee Park 24/7 for more than a month. Rape, substance abuse, and violence followed Jones’ abdication of his authority and his duty to enforce state and local laws—many of which repeatedly were broken during the “occupation.”

Now, Sanders, apparently ignorant of Charlottesville’s recent past, has committed a Jonsian error in his reaction to reports of alleged police misconduct in dealing with two homeless persons who remained in Lee Park after operating hours.

Complaints about this incident, aired at a recent City Council meeting, prompted Sanders to respond publicly via a September 21 press release:

City Manager Addresses Unhoused Community Crisis in Market Street Park

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA – City Manager, Samuel Sanders, Jr. has issued a directive to lift the closing time in Market Street Park.

“It came to my attention during Monday night’s City Council meeting of allegations regarding confrontations between Charlottesville Police Department (CPD) and two unhoused community members while enforcing operating hours. This is currently under administrative investigation. The City of Charlottesville takes these allegations seriously and Chief Kochis and I will remain focused on maintaining positive interactions with all of our officers,” said Sanders.

“I want the City to be a catalyst for change in addressing housing insecurity and homelessness, which is why I am assembling my team to build a long-term strategy.”

Sanders, like Jones before him, has chosen to deal with law-breakers by suspending-instead-of-upholding the laws, and by coddling-rather-than-confronting the violators.

In the previous illegal inhabitancy , scofflaws finally were rousted from Lee Park following a 45-day occupation—which concluded with the burning of then-Mayor, Dave Norris, in effigy. This confrontational resolution was ugly, at-best, and it put law enforcement officers needlessly at risk.

Sanders seems hell-bent on repeating Jones’ mistakes, lock, stock, and barrel. The temporarily resident homeless in Lee Park, as beneficiaries of Sanders’ largess, ultimately will pay a price for Sanders’ laxity. And, the Charlottesville Police Department—politically restrained from its charge—will once again be enlisted to clean-up an inept City Manager’s mess.


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Rob Schilling is founder of the multi-award-winning Schilling Show Blog and News, proprietor of Schilling Show Media; host of both the Schilling Show Unleashed Podcast and WINA's The Schilling Show heard weekdays at noon; husband; father; worship leader, Christian recording artist and Community Watchdog.


  1. “Unhoused community members” – AKA violent and drugged out invaders from elsewhere who heard on the bum trail that they can do drugs, get 3 hots and a cot and harass people non-stop in the most expensive zip code in Central Virginia. I’ve been on the mall (and the corner) daily for the last 6 years and I cannot believe how bad it is getting. During the first few months of the illegal lockdowns it was really bad, just a playground for homeless since everyone else but me was afraid to leave their homes. But allowing these terrible pieces of crap to come in and take over and encouraging it is madness. People shouldn’t just ignore the pathetic, violent drugged out husks of former humans, they should be openly hostile and aggressive towards them, as I am. Make these invaders feel unwelcome. Yell out your car window, be rude when they approach you. Mock idiot liberals for giving them food or money, destroy their makeshift encampments. Run these derelicts out of town!

  2. Oh, and I should add – Maybe the new antifi/blm bookstore next to the Nook could be a great destination for them to hang out in front of. Rob – I encourage you to publicize that new store. It’s called “A beautiful idea”, which is a term idiots use to refuse to anarchism. They could use a dose of anarchism by being flooded by their pets. I spit on their window every time I pass it.

  3. I used to cry to Chville, now I laugh. Like Carlin said: “I have front row seat to the greatest show on earth.” That park was a little gem for families with small fry (like my missus & I at 15-20 years ago). Now? Fine, have at it. Dem/leftist destruction and anarchy will be fun to view as it razes Charlottesville. We tried to help, but we were called “racists” and “devolved.” Enjoy it…Sanders has your back!


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