Warning: Video contains extremely vile language; not suitable for children

Facing eviction from their trashed Lee Park encampment, the true character of Occupy Charlottesville (OC) was revealed during a November 30, late night police action to liberate the park.

City Manager (and Director of Public Safety), Maurice Jones, in conjunction with Charlottesville Mayor Dave Norris, ordered the group dislocated, after previously ordering police to disregard the law and allow OC to violate permit and curfew statutes.

In a November 2 press release, Occupiers promised the greater community that theirs was a peaceful movement—intent only on calling attention to the excesses of structured capitalism:

The purpose of this three-week protest is to prove to ourselves and to the world that peaceful, abundant community is possible without corporate sponsorship, huge budgets, or leaders.” [emphasis added]

OC’s aggressive actions and violent invective of November 30 belie several previous group statements regarding the nature of the local Occupy movement.

Unearthed in this shocking audio/video compilation are Occupy Charlottesville’s:

  • Blatant sexism—the vicious verbal assault on a female police officer
  • Anti-police obloquy—with obvious intent to provoke
  • Disrespect for the rule of law—refusing to obey lawful orders to disperse
  • Extremely vile language—used liberally throughout, even in the presence of young children
  • Verbal violence directed toward government officials—“Dave F#&%ing Norris”

The unmerited leniency and institutional political favoritism shown toward Occupy Charlottesville by naïve, immature city officials has been met with dangerously vehement hostility. This Marxist movement—born of lawlessness—predictably has degenerated into base depravity and utter chaos.


  1. Sounds like most of those clips were taken from the livestream video interviews. Interesting that the Schilling Show isn’t about to give credit for the clips to someone on the ground who recorded them.

  2. WOW, Occupiers, WOW, what happen to supposedly being non-violent. I guess that exculed the use of 4 letters works and other colorful phrase. Compared to what someone wrote on your web page, came across as angels. INSTEAD came across as if you were raised in a prison environment. I listed this same type of language from these individuals each and everyday. Be adult and learn from the the true masters. Buddha, Mahatma Gahandi, Mr. King. The list goes on and on. My impression that no one in your group really know how to walk the path of peace. My impression is that one one in your group would be willing to give up your physical life for what your group believe in. Or does your group can for let the other person take the fall and we will stand around and take credit for being successful.
    Please move on…

  3. Hmmm. Some shouty person doesn’t know jack about what the first amendment actually says. Not surprising, from this juvenile bunch of spoiled, ignorant brats who have NO understanding of history, economics, human nature etc.

    When I drove by there a couple weeks ago, someone actually had a sign that said: “HEALTHCARE, HOUSING, AND EDUCATION ARE BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS”.

    Wow. Sad.

  4. So disgraceful! Did they accomplish anything? I think not. They should use their energy in a positive way. I respect their right to assemble but this was ridiculous.

  5. When I drove by there a couple weeks ago, someone actually had a sign that said: “HEALTHCARE, HOUSING, AND EDUCATION ARE BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS”.

    Even sadder is that so many people who paid taxes to bail out the banks are now out of work and can’t afford those basic necessities.

  6. OCCUPY is a social movement of desperation. People who are willing to work hard will find jobs! There is plenty of work in the USA — if you are willing to do whatever it takes to earn a living. Cussing and swearing and pointing the finger at the Police and getting disgusted with your community is not the answer. I know times are tough — but treating others disrespectfully is not the way to make things better.

  7. People who are willing to work hard will find jobs!

    That’s why unemployment figures are low and employers are desperate to hire!

  8. Ronald Reagan said, “The more the plans fail, the more the planners plan.”

    Now, the more big government fails, the more big government we get.

    What led to the need for a bank bailout? Gov’t saying everyone deserved to own a home, whether they could pay for it or not. Eventually too many foreclosures piled up and the Marxist in gov’t were all for bailing out the banks. And yes, some so-called republicans as well

    These people are asking for more of what caused the problem. But they’re anti-capitalists, so the commenter is right who said the occu-styiers don’t want to work–you must know that!!

    Gov’t interference has almost destroyed our free markets, and now are suffering under a cloud of uncertainty in an atmosphere where growth isn’t possible.

    The last thing we need is anymore help from the government.

    Free Speech and Free Markets go together hand in hand. Go to Cuba and find out if you don’t believe me.

  9. “Even sadder is that so many people who paid taxes to bail out the banks are now out of work and can’t afford those basic necessities.”

    Well, Ken, there is some truth to that…so why are they attacking businesses, banks and corporations and not the federal gov’t? That’s where the actors are who are accountable to us. The current economic situation can be traced to the actions of a massive, overreaching and corrupt federal gov’t. Period.

  10. The occupy movement in C’ville (and in many of its satellite locations) was a disgrace to the cause. The cause was–since no one can see it in the garbage most occupy groups are–is that while we may not understand how the system works, we do know that it is not working. As for being mad at the government for bailing out the banks; do you have any concept of how bad it would have been for the country if they had been allowed to fail? Allowing just Lehman to fail just about brought down the country’s economy, and people actually think the government should have let all the banks fail? Such beliefs are truly narrow-minded, short-sighted and amateurish. And to those that want to hate on banks, do you understand at all that the foundation of a healthy economy is healthy banks? Of course things are going to get better on Wall St before they get better on Main St because it is only through a healthy Wall St that a healthy Main St can be achieved. What’s happening to the pragmatic people in the world? Where have they all gone?

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