A massive brawl erupted at Charlottesville High School (CHS), today, in a common area and involving dozens of students.

Despite Superintendent Royal Gurley’s ban on in-school possession of cell phones (a calculated strategy to conceal non-flattering incidents from public view), a source within CHS captured the violent video and shared it with The Schilling Show.

While Charlottesville City Schools portrays their buildings as safe learning environments for their captive students, videos such as this one belie the Division’s fairytale façade.

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  1. Sending white kids to Cville area public schools is absolute terror. If you have the means, keep them in private schools for their own safety. The entire school system is weaponized against them.

  2. It is a shame,but this is the results of trauma,tht has been introduced to these young children,who don’t stand a chance in school or society..Let’s be real..The School System Nd The Prison System go hand in hand for our Black Children from the 3rd grade..CALLED SCHOOL TO PRISON PIPELINE,IN WHICH IS TOTALLY UNFAIR ND BIAS.MENTAL HEALTH,PLAYS A BIG PART DUE TO UNJUST RACISM,AMONG OTHER THINGS THT THESE CHILDREN SUFFER FROM.ITS ALSO WRONG TO HIDE THINGS LIKE THT WITHIN THE SCHOOL ND PLUS IF IT’S AN EMERGENCY,SUCH AS THIS.JUST BAD..ND IT ONLY GETS WORSE IN ALL RACES..

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