In what is becoming an all-to-common occurrence, a group of Charlottesville High School (CHS) students engaged in a brutal melee earlier today.

The fight, which took place in the school’s main lobby area, involved an estimated 30 students and an unknown number of staff and faculty (who acted to disburse the combatants).

The frequency and intensity of dangerous physical incidents has certainly increased since School Resource Officers were removed by vote of a knee-jerk reactionary School Board.

Acknowledging that such occurrences are not uncommon at the embattled school, principal Rashaad Pitt, in an email missive, encouraged parents to talk with students about the ongoing problem of violence at Charlottesville High School.

Read Pitt’s full message to CHS parents:

From: Rashaad Pitt
Date: Thu, Jan 26, 2023
Subject: Follow up

Good Evening CHS –

As many of you have heard me say, “I am the principal for every student at Charlottesville High School.” My priority daily is to ensure that every student that walks through our doors is safe and feels safe.  Today, we had students behave in a manner that is not reflective of our values or expectations.  But if I am being honest, today was not the first day we have seen fighting.  Over the course of the school year, we have been implementing various supports for students. For some students, these interventions have been effective, but for others, even out-of-school consequences have not been a deterrent. 

Therefore, I am appealing to you to have conversations with your student and other students within the community. You and they need to know that unsafe behaviors will NOT be tolerated here at Charlottesville High School.  As a result, students that resort to dangerous and disruptive behaviors such as fighting will face the risk of consequences up to long-term suspension and expulsion. 

If I am going to truly be the principal for all students, then I must focus on our top priorities – safety and learning. I appreciate the support I have felt from the staff and CHS community, and I also appreciate the vast majority of our students who are behaving well, building relationships, and continuing to learn. If you have concerns about your own child’s progress or wellbeing, I hope you’ll reach out to a teacher or counselor so that we can work together to support them.

Thank you for being part of our Black Knight family. Have a good evening




  1. This is what happens with little or no consequences for their actions. We talk about guns and bad police. What the main issue is the new way of life. Why wasn’t anyone taken into custody. We want school safety. Not sure I wouldn’t want my child going to that school or any school today. Again it is people who have changed not the items they use. Please folks wake up. This is the future. These are the people who will be controlling, molding the next generation. We as a species may not make it.

  2. I hate that my 7K a year in property tax funds indoctrination and holding centers for future felons. I see the students leaving AHS every day and am flabbergasted at what has happened in the 22 years since I graduated there. Clearly, all of the white liberals in town do not practice what the preach, because every white student around must attend private schools. It would be pure torture to send your kids to any of the local public schools around here, which is astonishing considering the amount of wealth in this area.

  3. This is a good example of the “school to prison pipeline” and how and why it is a self fulfilling prophecy. The thugs that create fights and misbehave are NEVER punished. I saw this firsthand when john lewis was principal and a kid hit my son in the head with a brick. He refused to punish the kid or move the kid to different classes. I had to fight to have the kid arrested and tried where he ultimately admitted his guilt and FORCED the school to move the kid. So they learn early in life they can get away with stuff and later on they get caught and have to pay for their behavior. So please don’t tell me the jails are full of innocent people who are there unfairly.

  4. Principals need to discipline students and support the teachers.
    Every school I have ever been at — the Administration will favor students and turn the problem back on teachers. Administration is in need of an overhaul altogether! Weak and cowardly Administration can never lead.
    Teachers need to demand support and help ASAP!
    Too many administrators want to be liked by parents and students instead of doing their job properly!

  5. There is a big problem and it is not with the school system, teachers nor Administration. The problem starts at home. Parents now days think that the school system is there to raise their children to take the responsible off of them. Come on parents, do your job for your children.

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