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Following a precarious five-year tenure at Albemarle High School (AHS), principal Darah Bonham has resigned his position.

Bonham has presided over some of AHS’s most controversial incidents, notably:

In an after-hours all-school email sent on June 7, Bonham explained that he would be “transition[ing]” to a new security-related position within Albemarle County Public Schools.

While Bonham’s bunglings over the years practically have undermined his ability to continue heading the troubled school, overwhelming parental distrust in his capabilities likely led to his reassignment.

Read AHS Principal Bonham’s resignation notice:

From: Notification from Albemarle High
Sent: Friday, June 7, 2024 5:34 PM
Subject: Notice from AHS Principal

Dear AHS Families and Students,

Happy last day—we made it!

I am writing to let you know that, after much reflection and consideration, I have decided to transition into a new role within our school division next school year. I will be focusing on safety and security at the division level. This change will take effect on July 1 of this year, and I am excited about the opportunities of this new position.

I also must acknowledge that the transition does not come without some heartfelt emotions. I have been in public education for the past thirty years, all at the high school level. My passion has always centered around trying to better the lives of young people. I love Albemarle High School. I love our students. AHS is an amazing place and I cherish the relationships I have formed with students, staff, and families in the five years I’ve been at the school. I am grateful for the support and partnership that was created over that time.

The search for my replacement will begin immediately. I am confident that the search team will find an exceptional candidate to continue the work we have started and to lead our school towards even greater achievements. There will be opportunities for students, staff, and families to participate. 

I appreciate all the connections I have made with all of you and look forward to hopefully working with you in some capacity in the future.


Darah Bonham, Principal  


  1. Needing a fall guy for optics and to give some appearance of actually performing his highly overpaid position, Emperor Haas finds low hanging fruit which to sacrifice.

    This “failed state” with its systemic cascade of never ending issues starts with Haas, and the school board that did not listen to parents, and clandestinely extended his contract, effectively perpetuating this malestrom of madness.

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