Despite lies from Albemarle County Schools’ administration denying violence taking place in their facilities, occasionally video evidence substantiates the frequent claims.

This fight, captured on May 23, 2022 at Albemarle High School, is purportedly one of three similar events that took place there on that date.

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  1. It’s not reported because it’s black violence against a white. Notice the white kid defended himself and walked away but the black kid was uncontrollable. Why do black kids get to victimize whites with no consequence but if it was the other way around the white kid would be expelled, arrested and charged with race crimes.

  2. Unfortunately all people ever see is just a Violent part. No one never knows what happens prior to the fight. I can confirm that a lot of the children have a tendency to mock and belittle the African-American students. Unfortunately the person who shared this video, didn’t show the video or have a recording of the video of what was said and done prior to the fight. People should not be so quick to judge because you never know what actually happened.

  3. unfortunately… y’all don’t know the full story quit chatting about it then bill. bill do you know what happend before?? oh no you don’t? alright bill do you know what happend after?? oh no once again ?? alright we’ll bill there is more to it then in this video… it’s not black violence bill it’s a school fight bro get your head straight he was egged on by comments made.

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