Hellbent on exerting authority, Albemarle County Board of Supervisors chair, Donna Price, may have overstepped in suppressing a man’s attempt to petition his representatives.

At the May 18 Board of Supervisors meeting, upon the call of his name Mason Pickett approached the speaker’s podium with intent to address the board on an unknown topic. Before Pickett could begin his remarks, Price launched a preemptive strike, admonishing Pickett that his speech was limited to one of only three categories.

In ensuing clarification dialog with Price, Pickett’s microphone was muted for more than a minute at Price’s direction—depriving Albemarle County citizens of their right to witness and assess their government proceedings.

Ultimately, Price threatened a stunned Pickett with removal by Albemarle County police if he continued speaking. Within moments, Pickett left the building on his own accord—and without his First Amendment rights.

Price’s knee-jerk censorship of Pickett’s presumed speech was an abomination.

Price’s arrogance in presuming the content of Pickett’s speech before it was delivered was likely contra-Constitutional.

And in holding Mason Pickett’s ability to speak to a higher standard than others in the same circumstance have been held, Price’s egregious violation of Pickett’s civil liberties may well land Dirty Donna on the wrong side of a gavel.


  1. Nelson County Board of Supervisors has a similar situation. Only, the Board Chairman and his side-kick suppressed the free speech of another board member in public. This display was such a disgrace that I wrote a letter and demanded the suppressed board member be given an apology. Other community members also protested this ugly display.

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