In the tradition of Marie Antoinette, Albemarle County Supervisors are enriching themselves while the general public suffers under Bidenflation and out-of-control County spending.

A Public Notice published in the daily newspaper indicates a June 1 public hearing regarding Albemarle County Board of Supervisors’ intent to “increase the compensation of members of the Board of Supervisors by an inflation factor of 10%, effective July 1, 2022.”

This, in light of 8.5% (minimum) inflation, 50% meals tax hike, newly imposed plastic bag taxes, huge real estate and personal property tax increases, soaring gasoline and energy prices, and deliberately scant economic opportunity in Albemarle County.

Given the arrogance of the all-Democrat Board, there is no reason to believe this ill-timed, tone-deaf, pocket-lining scheme will not pass. In the meantime, everyday constituents—who do not possess the ability to increase their own pay—will have to make due.

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  1. Yet the voters of albemarle continue to elect all Dems. Does anyone expect a different result?

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