Recently, Albemarle County Executive, Jeff Richardson, tightened his tyrannical grip around the necks of County employees by issuing Executive Order 21-3, mandating “Vaccinations or Periodic Testing Pertaining to COVID 19”:

Effective September 15, 2021

ALBEMARLE COUNTY, VA – Albemarle County announced today that effective September 15, all local government employees are required to submit proof of full COVID-19 vaccination or submit a weekly negative COVID-19 test. This follows the announcement by Governor Northam on Thursday, August 5, that applies to state employees, and is responsive to the request that local governments also take this step.

“As a local government, we have a dual responsibility of protecting our workforce and the community we serve. With data on the transmissibility of the delta variant, we feel the best way to ensure we maintain government services is to require our staff to either beocme vaccinated or undergo weekly COVID-19 testing. The vaccine remains the best tool in protecting all of us from COVID-19. Weekly testing for those who are not vaccinated allows us to quickly address cases in our workforce so that we can continue to safely serve the community,” said Jeff Richardson, County Executive.

This requirement applies to all full-time, part-time, temporary, and contract employees of Albemarle County Local Government and applies regardless of work location.

Predictably, Richardson exempted his direct employers, the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors, en masse, as they hold the keys to his ongoing gravy train—an annual salary and benefits package approaching $300,000.

While everyday people who work for Albemarle County are compelled to sacrifice their bodily integrity or their job in order to satisfy the Beast’s lust for power, the all-white, all-Democrat Board of Supervisors can thumb their noses at the mandate knowing that their own bodily integrity will not be abridged and that their positions are secure.


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