While local residents and taxpayers continue to suffer from years of substandard government management, Albemarle County Supervisors have gone for “broke” in attempting to atone. Subsequently, the’ve hired Jeff Richardson as the new County Executive—at an initial annual total compensation of $300,110. One-time housing-related expenses add $23,500 this year.

Richardson’s base salary of $217,000 is nearly $40,000 higher than the County Manager position he left in Cleveland County, North Carolina. It’s also a 32% bump over the 2011 $167,000 annual base pay of his predecessor, Tom Foley.

According to documentation provided by Albemarle County, Mr. Richardson’s benefit package includes “deferred compensation” of $21,700 per year plus a $6,300 annual “vehicle allowance.”

Having dealt with runaway government wages in Cleveland County, it will be interesting to see how or if the highly compensated County Executive addresses that problem in Albemarle County.

Read the complete listing of Jeff Richardson’s salary, perks, and benefits below:

h/t: Gary Grant



  1. Hopefully he can save enough money to justify his salary. I certainly hope so but won’t hold my breath. If he refuses to follow the “spend until we’re all broke” mantra, he will be run out of town on a jackass.

  2. As much as I despise overpaid government employees, this is really not that wacky a pay scale. If you want to get a chuckle, look at the surveys of Texas and California city managers. There are literally some people making close to $200k managing a city with less than $30,000 people.

    I do, however, like the “vehicle allowance” bit. $500 per month for an employee who largely sits in the county admin building.

  3. He can earn his salary many times over if he spearheads the effort to dissolve the revenue sharing program between the county and the parasit…errr City.

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