Brainwashed Western Albemarle High School (WAHS) children love abortion (warning: graphic), but ironically, their arguments in-favor are really indictments against the barbaric practice.

In CBS video footage from a May 9 student walkout at WAHS, students are seen laughing and cavorting while “protesting.”

Join the fun as:

  • WAHS children mindlessly advocate killing younger children in the name of “freedom”
  • WAHS children mindlessly neglect to mention that abortion impacts people other than teens or adults
  • WAHS children mindlessly claim “brownie points” for giving voice to the voiceless (meaning those who want abortions, rather than those who are being aborted)
  • WAHS children mindlessly claim that abortions make the world “a better place”
  • WAHS children mindlessly make racist claims about pro-life advocates while ignoring the racist origins and practices of abortion (i.e. Planned Parenthood and Margaret Sanger)

In a seemingly incongruous moment, a male student, holding an “I am not an incubator” sign, shouts, “no more racism or abortion.”

Perhaps, there is hope after all.

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