From a deputy community watchdog, what appears to be hundreds of perfectly good chairs and desks are thrown into dumpsters at the Albemarle County Public Schools “Surplus Warehouse.”

From the Albemarle County Public Schools Environmental Management System:

The Albemarle County Public School Division is committed to Environmental Compliance, Pollution Prevention, and to Continual Improvement.

What a load.

Landfill, here we come…


  1. Hope your Thanksgiving was meaningful, yet quiet. I am still on the band-wagon regarding medical services or more correctly, the lack of medical services in this point area. Have now seen up close and personal, the inefficiencies of the UVA emergency room. Short part of the story: after 6 1/2 hours and only minimal medical intervention, I unhooked myself from my iv for dehydration after a bag of fluids, a prescription for severe nausea, nothing for diarrhea, and no good guesses why I had mid-gastric pain and felt like roadkill same as entering the ER, I figured if I’m going to die. I would rather be at home. Imagine their chagrin when I asked for the AMA discharge forms to sign myself out of their esteemed facility. Ca.e ho.e and cled s physician in Richmond who has determined that my arthritis meds and aspartame can combine chemically to eT up tour stomach; hence mid-gastric pain if not an ulcer. The GI department at UVA could not give me an important until end of July 2023! If it had been a bleeding ulcer. I guess the autopsy would have had a definitive diagnosis for cause of death!! I was told that the only way I could have an earlier appointment at UVA was to wait for the physican committee to meet and determine if an earlier appointment was necessary . To which I replied. ” so sight unseen, a death committee will decide when I can be seen to determine if I have a bleeding ulcer?” Well, I did not take that very well at all! But my thought now is that UVA is a premier research facility but not much for emergencies or preventative medicine!!!! There’s more to the story but it is just ludicrous! It’s not even skillful neglect!!!

  2. Weirdly I don’t know why there is a hospital comment under desks being thrown away, but here it goes…. You know there are 2 hospitals in this town, right? Also urgent care and if Dr Google gave you the answers already ( and you seem to be alive enough to write this and look your illness up) why not stay off the diet drinks? You don’t go to the ER for prevention. You go there for EMERGENCIES. THAT’S WHERE IT GOT IT’S NAME. Emergency room……

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