In a recent press release, Tom Perriello nearly breaks his arm patting himself on the back for “saving” taxpayers “an estimated $2.5 million,” by voting to forgo next year’s Congressional pay raise:

February 12, 2009

Contact: Jessica Barba, 202-226-7953

Perriello Thanked for Supporting Bill to Stop Congressional Pay Raise

Washington, DC—Rep. Tom Perriello was thanked by Reps. Harry Mitchell (D-AZ) and Ron Paul (R-TX) for his support of H.R. 156, the Stop the Congressional Pay Raise Act, which he co-sponsored the day after being sworn in to the U.S. House of Representatives. House leadership recently announced that pay raises for Members of Congress will not be included in next year’s appropriations bill. In the letter, Reps. Mitchell and Paul say, “Your support has been invaluable in achieving this outcome.”

“With thousands of jobs being lost by the day and families struggling just to get by, it’s simply not right for Members of Congress to be getting pay raises. This common-sense move will save taxpayers an estimated $2.5 million,” said Perriello, applauding the announcement by House leadership.

But wait, you (and I) say! Isn’t Tom also congratulating himself for voting in favor of the destructive, vote-buying, Ponzi scheme also known as the “Stimulus” bill, most recently pegged at nearly $800 billion? Here is a portion of Tom’s preposterous explanation regarding his “Stimulus” support:

“…this is a solid step towards economic recovery and a new kind of solutions-oriented politics. Where before we saw blank-check bailouts, we now see unprecedented transparency and accountability. Where before we saw handouts to Wall Street, we now see investments back in Main Street. Where before we saw the federal government trying to control everything, this time we see an unprecedented partnership with state and local officials to get this economy turned around.”

I doubt that Tom Perriello has even read most of the bill, yet he has the unmitigated gall to refer to this process and this bill as “unprecedented transparency”? Why do I get the impression that George Orwell’s 1984 is Tom Perriello’s favorite book?

As much as I dislike unwarranted Congressional pay raises, in this instance, I wish you would have kept the money, Tom, and voted against the pork. Your “savings” efforts amount to CHUMP change.

Call Tom’s office and tell him what you think about his vote: (202) 225-4711



  1. Supposedly, the bill is 1,400 pages in total. Sense Congress voted on the measure one day after if got the final copy, I doubt if any of the scammers in DC read anything except the sections they wanted to make sure were in there. I would be surprised if Perriello read the summary.
    It’s funny how he criticizes the first giveaway, as indicated in the second quote, yet, he was a staunch supporter of it last fall. He stated that he would have gladly voted for $700B to the rich if he had been in office at the time. So, Mr. Perriello, which is it?

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