Listener, “Gary,” has researched the Albemarle County budget and in doing so, he’s formulated some excellent questions for our Supervisors, along with specific suggestions for saving $6 million this year.


  1. Why is the Board of Supervisors line item in the budget being proposed for a $57,312 increase (10.8%)?
  2. Why is the Human Resources budget being proposed for a $154,328 increase (16.8%)?
  3. Why is the Free Clinic budget being proposed for a $104,817 increase (1,067.5%)?
  4. Why is the Jefferson Area CHIP being proposed for a $288,749 increase (1,016.9%)?
  5. Why should taxpayers give Albemarle County $3,911,424 for a Revenue Contingency Shortfall fund, an increase of $2,297,352 (142.3%)?

Money Saving Suggestions:

  1. Halve the first four items: $305,602 savings.
  2. Eliminate the “Shortfall” fund: $3,911,424 savings.
  3. Cancel the fire contract with Charlottesville (rely on mutual aid and revenue-sharing payment): $777,878 savings.
  4. Reduce Transfer to School Operations by 1%: $1,006,886 savings.

Total Savings: $6,001,790

We applaud Gary’s suggestions, and we encourage the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors to consider them carefully.

Are you, like Gary, a budget sleuth?+ Send your budget questions, comments, analysis or suggestions to The Schilling Show for review and possible dissemination to our audience.

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