In a flagrant and unequivocal election-day violation of the code of Virginia, Albemarle County Board of Supervisors Chairman, David Slutzky’s campaign has illegally placed “Slutzky for Supervisor” signs in the public right-of-way along Route 29 North in order to assist his re-election effort.

Virginia Code, section 33.1-373 states:

Any person who in any manner (i) paints, prints, places, puts or affixes any advertisement upon or to any rock, stone, tree, fence, stump, pole, mile-board, milestone, danger-sign, guide-sign, guidepost, highway sign, historical marker, building or other object lawfully within the limits of any highway or (ii) erects, paints, prints, places, puts, or affixes any advertisement within the limits of any highway shall be assessed a civil penalty of $100. Each occurrence shall be subject to a separate penalty. All civil penalties collected under this section shall be paid into the Highway Maintenance and Operating Fund. Advertisements placed within the limits of the highway are hereby declared a public and private nuisance and may be forthwith removed, obliterated, or abated by the Commonwealth Transportation Commissioner or his representatives without notice. The Commonwealth Transportation Commissioner may collect the cost of such removal, obliteration, or abatement from the person erecting, painting, printing, placing, putting, affixing or using such advertisement. When no one is observed erecting, painting, printing, placing, putting, or affixing such sign or advertisement, the person, firm or corporation being advertised shall be presumed to have placed the sign or advertisement and shall be punished accordingly. Such presumption, however, shall be rebuttable by competent evidence. In addition, the Commissioner or his representative may seek to enjoin any recurring violator of this section. (emphasis added)

The provisions of this section shall not apply to signs or other outdoor advertising regulated under Chapter 7 (� 33.1-351 et seq.) of this title.

(Code 1950, � 33-319; 1970, c. 322; 1993, c. 538; 1994, c. 696.)

Albemarle County, under Chairman Slutzky’s leadership, recently has pursued relatively innocuous sign violations against Arby’s Forest Lakes owner, Tom Slonaker. In October of this year, Albemarle County received combined judgments against Slonaker in the amount of $3,400.

In Albemarle County, where Government officials willfully ignore zoning violations for friendly interests, but prosecute violations against perceived “enemies,” will Chairman Slutzky’s deliberate flouting of the law be prosecuted, or will it be overlooked?

Prior to casting their ballots, will Albemarle County’s Rio District voters consider that Democrat David Slutzky has sworn an oath of office in which he has promised to uphold the law of the land?

Does hypocrisy reign supreme in Albemarle County? Or is it just another case of+ “it doesn’t matter what you do, it matters only who you are.”

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