Although Charlottesville’s Daily Progress has refused to acknowledge several recent news stories broken on The Schilling Show (and The Schilling Show blog), parent company Media General apparently has no such reservation.

When Progress writer, Brian McNeill, neglected to mention Jim McKelvey’s candidacy in a story referencing the “six” GOP contenders in Virginia’s 5th Congressional District (when in fact there were seven), a Schilling Show post on the Daily Progress’s web site, correcting the writer’s error, was removed by managing editor, McGregor McCance.

A December 9, 2009 story addendum in Media General’s Lynchburg News & Advance properly attributes McKelvey’s candidacy announcement to The Schilling Show:

Real estate investor Jim McKelvey, who lives in Moneta, launched his 5th District campaign Web site this week after announcing his candidacy Nov. 16 on “The Schilling Show,” a Charlottesville-area radio program.

McKelvey, 54, owns six businesses, including a car wash, a public utility water company and land development businesses. He said he has never run for office before, but was inspired to run after attending the state Republican convention in the spring and feeling unsatisfied with the mainstream candidates.

“People who should be getting involved are not getting involved,” McKelvey said. “… Everything is just so political. In a nutshell, I’m scared to death for the country. I’m tired of voting on other people to get the job done.”

— Media General News Service

Media General has taken the ethical path in giving credit where credit is due. But when will their wayward child, the Charlottesville Daily Progress follow suit?



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