Our future relies on our faith
by Hank Martin

The first four decades of recorded American history displayed extraordinary events in the birth of America. In a relatively short period, America rose up against royalty, defeated the British Empire, the mightiest upon the planet at the time, and garnered independence here in the New World. Out of nowhere, our new nation exhibited American exceptionalism, as noted by Alexis de Tocqueville, and was indeed prospering.

What was the basis for American success and prosperity? It was not in our government, our institutions, our schools, our farmland or our factories. Rather, the success and prosperity was berthed in the churches of the land, and the zeal that citizens had towards God. The heartland of America consisted of a collection of God fearing, Christ following people, a vast majority of whom came from the Great Reformation. They were serious and sober in matters regarding the faith of Jesus Christ, and made no attempts, nor allowed any efforts to limit their faith to the churchyard on Sunday mornings.

There was a time, and it is recorded by history, that Americans took Jesus Christ with them to their work place, their positions in all levels of government, into the market place and into their recreational activities. They had a personal relationship with Christ, and as promised, Christ was attentive to all of their actions. The Bible clearly records that it is true, that if a nation is blessed because the inhabitants of a nation wisely choose to follow Christ, then those same blessings will be revoked if that same nation no longer acknowledges God, or accepts HIS Son, Jesus Christ. The Bible gives many examples that stand as a sober warning to all Christians and all citizens of America. The dire consequences of disobedience.

Bumper stickers, yard signs and lapel pins denote “God Bless America.” Yet, in reality, how can He? Everyday of every year, America aborts more unborn babies than all of the lives lost on September 11th. Since 1973, American women have legally aborted more innocent life, than the entire combined total of Americans that have perished in all of the wars in which America has fought. More than 50% of children of low-income families are born into broken homes or to unwed mothers. Hundreds of thousands of marriages end in divorce every year. Many states have passed or are poised to pass legislation that authorizes “gay marriages.” One-third of all lesbian households have children living in them. Our federal government funds abortion around the world, and is pushing to extend full benefits to homosexual partners of federal employees. Is it remotely practical, or even logical or reasonable to expect God’s blessing on any nation, even ours, when we have so tragically strayed off course?

There was a time, recorded by history, when America’s greatest export was the Gospel of Christ. Presently, one of our greatest exports is pornography, with over 90% of the more than two million pornographic web sites around the world, owned and operated by Americans. America was once profoundly aware of God’s truth: “Blessed is the nation whose God is The Lord, and the people whom He hath chosen for his own inheritance.”

America did not become great by murdering innocent unborn children, by the exportation of pornography, by honoring homosexuality and other sexual deviancies. America did not become great by educational institutions that work to destroy patriotism by rendering it as outdated or useless. It did not become great egregiously teaching that it once had its place, but is now outmoded and outdated, and must be supplanted in order to create a workable world government. A one-world government falsely believed to be able to eliminate warfare and tyranny from the face of the earth. It was not made great by having schools that teach to be American, is to be a mind-numbed individual, blindly following an anachronistic faith. One who is arrogant, selfish, narcissistic and full of hate, lacking tolerance and is irrational.

Prior to 1788, for uncounted thousands of years, man has repeatedly tried, and failed, to construct a government, which provided for individual liberty. Our Constitution was founded upon the principle that all men are born with God-given rights. Those being life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. To the right of exercising an individual, God-ordained talent, and to do the best as he can with that talent.

Our government has until now, been persevered over the years and has been a ray of hope to the rest of the world, due completely to the Christian beliefs and principles written into both The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution. Our forefathers had a historically recorded, undeniable and unarguable faith in God, and His son, Jesus. They had a faith in the people of their country and in the knowledge that the government they were establishing was right.

Hope for the future of our nation will begin, when the “rulers of the city cry, those that have turned the world upside down are come hither also.” (Acts 17:6) It is the citizens who listen to the preaching of the word of God, without apology, who will be the reason America has any chance what so ever of remaining great. America will stay great if the people surrender to Christ, and serve HIM faithfully.  Jesus commands us to “occupy until HE comes.” (Luke 19:13) We must remain committed to that cause. Otherwise, the warning of Rev. Mathias Burnet will most certainly be our nation’s epitaph. “Let not your children have reason to curse you for giving up those rights and prostrating those institutions which your fathers delivered to you.”

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