Is Big Brother a bio-terrorist?
by Tim Griffith

The U. S. Government has waged a Bio-Terrorism campaign on American citizens for over a decade! It’s a fact and only the victims seem to be aware of it. The victims are the states of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho, and most notably the people that live and work in the more remote regions of those states. What is it that the U.S. Government has done to these American citizens that deserves the label of Bio-Terrorist? They introduced a dangerous and highly effective vector of parasites and disease to “selected” regions of the named states. They did this under the guise of a program bearing the warm and fuzzy catch phrase, “Save the wolves!” That phrase was the brainchild of the professional sympathy industry and it has generated plenty of support for them (in the form of money and free labor) for decades and continues to do so. I first heard that phrase in the ‘70s and witnessed in disbelief as it gained momentum into an actual program to capture wolves in Canada and release them in remote areas of the states named above. By the ‘90s it was actually happening. The reasons given for that program ranged from trying to stop an extermination threat, which native wolves supposedly faced to simply wanting to create a “true balance” in the ecology of the area. All of this was done so we could all feel good about ourselves with regard to our “custodial duties” towards the environment. Sounds good doesn’t it? The sad truth is that this program only created harm where none previously existed. No “good thing” has come from it. Instead of a “reintroduction program” it was an insidious scheme to force an ecological nightmare on innocent Americans.

The wolves did not need to be saved. The native wolves were not on the brink of extinction as purported. They weren’t really even “endangered”. They were right where they had always been, very thinly spread at the outer fringes of the domain of man. It’s the only place and manner in which wolves and man can “coexist.” Wolves are far too efficient, successful and dangerous to be tolerated in close proximity of humans. This has been the case since the dawn of time and nothing has happened to change that relationship. Just because we don’t see them very often does not mean they are scarce. They’ve been there the whole time. Wolves are “way cool.“ Among the “coolest” things about wolves is that their unique abilities and characteristics help them resist extermination. After that it’s “no joy.“ Here are some of the facts regarding the wolves that were being “saved.”

First, as stated above, the wolves were not endangered nor facing any threat of extinction. Ideas to the contrary have never been established with facts. Saying otherwise cannot make it so. The population density of wolves in America was never particularly “thick” to begin with. Why not? Because the “Native Americans”, (the Indians,) lived here too and competed directly for the very same food. The Indians killed every wolf they could at every opportunity, just like everyone else everywhere in the world [that lives around wolves] has done. They revered and respected the wolf because they resisted being exterminated. Their numbers could be kept in check but extermination wasn’t possible or it would have been accomplished long ago. The wolves were few and far between all through the history of America. The only “healthy” population density that ever existed for wolves in America is a “thin” one.

Second, the wolves that were brought here through the tool of the “reintroduction program” were not a native species. The wolves brought here by that program had never existed in the “lower 48” states. The imported species were wolves of regions farther north where the environment is harsher, requiring animals to be bigger and more capable of taking care of business. I grew up thinking of them as the “northern wolf” or the “tundra wolf”. I later learned they are correctly called the Canadian Gray Wolf. What we call them does not matter. What does matter is that these wolves are different, very different! When brought to the lower 48 their natural abilities were dramatically superior to the requirements of their new environment. With no trapping, no hunting and no natural hazards of any kind in their new home things were suddenly very good for those imported wolves. The animals that were present for them to hunt are much easier to overpower than those of their homeland. Not only that but there is also livestock in the area that is even easier to kill when opportunity or boredom present suitable allure. The wolves have now adapted and grown comfortable in the “impact area” and have started to take on the character of kids in a candy shop. As a result the populations of all the wild ungulates (all the members of the deer family) and many other species have been dramatically reduced in the few years these wolves have been present. The truly native wolves really are threatened now as never before! The two species are not compatible at all. This was predicted by wildlife experts all over the country but “Big Brother” and the professional sympathy industry knew best. The complaining ranchers who began losing livestock almost immediately were characterized as whiners and were offered money to go away quietly. Big Brother and the professional sympathy industry work hard to keep the facts clouded with emotional drivel. The native wolf was not endangered until those Canadian Gray Wolves were introduced. The native wolf is now doomed.

Third, this non-native species was brought here with all of their diseases and parasites intact. Yes, intact! This is where the accusation of bio-terrorism picks up real strength. The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, (the agency that executed or supervised the program,) was made aware of the wide variety and severity of diseases and parasites these creatures normally carry but they made no effort to insure their transplanted animals were free of these horrible problems. The list of the diseases and parasites is particularly horrifying once the details are examined. It is especially so when the incidences of these problems have not only begun to be reported but are rapidly making large sections of the effected areas extremely hazardous for all of the indigenous wildlife including man and all his domestic animals. Remember, this was a predicted problem too. The people in charge of the wolf importation scheme were told about these hazards by real experts. They were carefully warned against using those wolves because of the well documented environmental and health hazards associated with them. With all this information in hand the officials decided to release this known bio-hazard [the non-native Canadian Gray Wolf] into regions where they had never previously existed. In doing so they opened a true and living version of Pandora’s box.

Let’s summarize.

Those officials decided to save the wolf from extinction in the U.S. even though they knew there was no real evidence of the wolves being threatened or endangered at all and never had been. They knew the wolves they planned to introduce were not a native species. They knew those non-native wolves were vectors for varieties of diseases and parasites that were not commonly present in the introduction area. They knew of the well-documented history of wolves in general being carriers for diseases and parasites and they made no attempt to insure those transplanted wolves were free of any these problems. They knew all these things and they decided to go ahead with their scheme anyway. They used their “Federal Authority“ to force the issue on the states where the plan was intended. In short they created a grievous harm for man and beast alike where previously there was none. They knowingly infected a whole region of America with a known bio-hazard of mythical proportion. I call this bio-terrorism! What would you call it? I’ll say it in slightly more damning terms, they knew everything about it was wrong and they did it anyway. That sounds like criminal behavior to me.

For those who bought into the romantic sounding mantra, “save the wolf” and developed an emotional investment in this noble sounding but grossly flawed ideology, I encourage you to go to a little effort to educate yourself with the truths and documented facts that surround this subject. There never was any supporting evidence that the wolves needed to be saved. There still isn’t any such evidence. There is, however, plenty of scientific and medical evidence for my accusations. I invite all to visit the web sites shown below and carefully investigate the information that is available regarding the non-native wolves that were released in America by the Federal Government. These web sites have links to others. There is a lot of information about this. Most of it is shocking in nature and severity. It turns out that all the stories and fables that came to us through the ages and depicted the wolf as a monster were founded in real experiences, pain, horrible suffering and facts. It’s a reality that is as uncompromising as a brick. Try not to spend too much time on the chilling photos in those sights. They accurately show the truths about living around wolves but the real information you need to know is in the documents that surround this subject. The scientific and medical documentation reaches back as far as 200 years. We don’t normally hear of such things because they are so unpleasant that they only get discussed in professional circles.

Most of us in America live so far away from the harsh realities of nature that we no longer know the difference between what is real and what is fiction. The ideology that came up with the phrase “save the wolves” was and still is founded in warm and fuzzy fiction. Sadly, our opinions and good intentions do not affect reality in any way. The truth about wolves is not so pleasant. It’s nothing short of horror when arrogant and contemptuous Government officials dump a bio-hazard on you, forbid you to take any defensive action and then wish you “good luck with that.” I like wolves a lot and they deserve our respect but they never needed our help. The people who are living with this horror need help to survive the government’s sustained biological attack on them. If you visit Yellowstone Park or any other part of the effected region you’ll be in danger too. The diseases and parasites are there, waiting for you or your pets to pick them up and bring them home to be discovered later. Don’t take my word for it. Learn the facts on your own. There is plenty to know about wolves and these web sites can help you learn what the professional sympathy industry and the government didn’t want anyone to know when they decided to turn a whole region of America into a contaminated bio-hazard area. You can pick-and-chose to believe whatever you want but you cannot change what is real. Ignoring ugly truths does not make them go away. Forcing others to live with horror in order to feel good about oneself in the name of some supposed ideology is the height of selfishness and hypocrisy. Learn what science and medicine knows about those non-native wolves. That’s what Big Brother ignored and the professional sympathy industry wants kept quiet so they can continue to enjoy spending your money on this project. When those parasites become a real problem for all Americans in 20 years or so, (a predictable result of this fiasco,) it’ll be too late to make it stop. Then the unpleasant and unaswerable question will be who will survive the saving of the wolves?

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  1. Time to arrest Defenders of Wildlife and USFWS wolf Experts for Fraud.

    According to Jim Beers retired USFWS wildlife Biologist the 1995 wolf reintroduction was based on stolen money from the Pittman Robinson fund. The director at the time was Jamie Clark. She is now today working for Defenders of Wildlife.

    Every single myth, misinformation, and fairy tale about wolves has been proven to be a fraud against the American people. Such as their was never a documented wolf attack in North American history. But the historical record I found over 100 people killed by wolves not counting all the attacks that could easily number in the thousands.

    Wolves would not harm livestock. Another fraud on the American people several ranchers have been forced out of business by the wolves slaughtering off their herds.

    Wolves would balance Nature another fraud they are destroying the herds of deer and elk. In Michigan alone over 330,000 deer hunters have quit hunting due to lack of deer.

    Dr Mech admitted to illegally planting Minnesota wolves in Michigan in 1995 then he changed his story to the reporter got it wrong. Why? I think it is because he should go to prison for violation of Lacey act illegally transporting Endangered species across State lines.

    Defenders of Wildlife is collecting Multi Millions of dollars off this fraud of the wolves. Children have had to listen to wolves viciously shredding their beloved dogs in their yards. It takes one sick psychopath to support the wolves and allow this to happen in America. Children are reporting psychological damage the same as Army veterans returning from the wars PTSS Post traumatic stress syndrome from living with the wolves.

    Any school teacher that allows Defenders of Wildlife people in to brainwash children on wolves should be arrest too for child endangerment.

    An honest Justice system in America would arrest every single one of the people involved in this fraud and child endangerment scheme. Has America been reduced to a 3rd world Banana republic where truth, justice for all is replaced with corruptions lies and who can pay the highest bribe ?

    I really want to know why these people are not in prison for lacey act violation, stolen money, fraud, and child endangerment.

    Want to know what living with wolves is all about? You have to see this new documentary titled Undue Burden.

    A must see for every hunter, rancher, hiker, and nature lover

  2. Hey Bruce,
    I know it’s been awhile but I can’t find that documentary.
    The link takes me to a site selling ladies shoes and/or a bow-hunting info site, neither of which lets me find the documentary.
    I’d like to see it.
    Any help for me?

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