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No matter what, vote!
by Tim Griffith

The man that holds our nation’s highest office, Barack Hussein Obama, was placed in office by all of those citizens who failed to do their civic duty! They didn’t vote. The primary duty of each and every American citizen is to vote in each election cycle. It is really the one and only thing your country really needs/asks of most of us.

Sadly, most of the American public does not vote, ever.

And non-voters are the people responsible for putting this evil socialist in the White House!  (I can launch into a sermon on why and how socialism is evil any time. Followers and practitioners of socialism are, by association evil too.) If that includes YOU, I hope you’re feeling the sting of shame. If you actually did vote for Obama, well, that tells us what kind of Amerika YOU want but you can’t take credit for putting this socialist in office. The non-voting citizens did that for us.

If you didn’t vote in the last election, YOU helped put Obama in office along with others of his ilk!

The correct proceedure for deciding who to vote for is to ask the question: What kind of country do I want to live in?

The basic choices are freedom or socialism. There is no real middle ground anymore.

The democrat party seeks socialism. For proof, think about the fact that both the Communist and the Socialist parties of America support and endorse the Democrat party candidates in every election, (and have done so for nearly 100 years!) The various enemies of America around the globe always support the Democrat party’s continuous efforts to ruin this great country. Keep an eye on who America’s enemies support and ponder the reasons why. They all supported Obama and still do.

The Republican party seeks a more watered-down version of socialism and at a slower pace.
The evidence is the parade of exceedingly poor quality candidates they have offered for the past couple of decades. That and the fact that on the few occassions they had control of the house and senate they failed to even try to undo the laws, acts and policies that continue to keep America on the steady path towards socialism. Instead, all they do is make ever more law, just like the democrats. No attempts are made to undo the things that are causing the problems.

America’s problems didn’t come from any lack of law. It came from enactment of foolish laws and evil policies designed to change our society into one that lives in fear of its government. This truth is easily seen by any careful or casual examination of history.

What America needs is the brutal application of the power to repeal. To get that ball rolling we must put men in office who will use the tool of the repeal process to bring about correct change. The incumbents will not do it so we must elect new people that will. That is the answer America really needs! Repeal, Repeal, Repeal!

Any elected member of government should be replaced if they don’t embrace the use of the repeal process to make America better for all Americans. (Non-Americans and the un-Americans can fend for themselves! We should not decide what is good for America based on what aliens and socialists want or think.)

For this election cycle, now less than 48 hours away, the right vote in your district is most likely to be against the guy that currently holds office, (against the incumbent.) If you don’t know anything about policies or who wants what agenda, just remember to vote against the one who is already in office. Be prepared to do that in each election cycle. It’s never really wrong to vote against an incumbent.

There are 535 elected members of congress (House of Representatives and Senate). Of that group there are no more than a dozen or so who are honest enough to keep in office. It is better to clean house than to leave any of the remaining dirt behind to contaminate the new crop. Vote against incumbents!

The people that want America to become a socialist country always vote. If you don’t vote, you give them the power to do as they want and you won’t even have the right to complain about it.

When in doubt, vote against the incumbent! Whether or not you agree with that, for the sake of the whole country get out and vote!

History shows that when there is a big turn out, the right-thinking Americans tend to get elected. If that happens often enough things can begin to get better. But it must happen often.

Spread it or shred it but get out there and vote!

“The men the American people admire most extravagantly are the greatest liars; the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth.” H.L. Mencken

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  1. Tim, sometimes it ain’t laziness or lack of interest that keeps people from voting, it’s the fact that they can’t stomach either of the candidates they have to choose from, due to the very reasons you have just listed.

  2. Realist,
    You must remember that choosing to make no decision is to make one. No matter how distasteful you may find one or all of the candidates, too many men have bled and died to give us the right to vote. We dishonor their memory and their sacrafice by not becoming as informed as possible, and going to the polls, and casting a ballot for the best candidate, not necessarily theperfect one, which can further American principles and ideals. In this regard, the author of this piece is correct. Lack of action has made this current circumstance possible.


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