As if Charlottesville needed another political problem—business-loathing councilors; a Marxophile Mayor; and manipulated, corrupt local elections, are but a few of the Democratic Socialist Republic’s myriad, government-related woes.

But things can always be worse, and now they are. Introducing the internationalist City Councilor, Satyendra Huja!

Perhaps in attempt to out America-hate fellow travelers at Charlottesville’s August 20 Democrat Firehouse Primary, the self-described “Urban Turban”—a candidate for reelection to Charlottesville’s City Council—featured a disturbing display on his literature table: the United States and United Nations flags entwined in a quotidian vase of semi-fresh flowers.

Huja, known for his promotion of international relationships between Charlottesville and her “Sister Cities,” apparently was successful with his one-world, one-people campaign theme. His pandering, flippant dismissal of American sovereignty played well with assembled Democrats, rendering him the second highest vote getter among seven leftist contenders.

While most of his council cohorts have expressed admiration for the United Nations either verbally or in vote, none has so brazenly embraced the subversive, anti-American organization.

A sworn oath to uphold the United States Constitution (which Huja took) is not compatible with personal or professional veneration of the United Nations. Divided allegiance, especially among elected officials, is a treacherous position to maintain.

Click to see Satyendra Huja’s “international” table display:

Photo courtesy of Steven Latimer

The United Nations Pledge of Allegiance (with apologies to Francis Bellamy)

I pledge allegiance to the flag

Of the hallowed United Nations

And to the one-world Government

For which it stands

One organization, under Mother Gaia

With bondage and servitude for all

(© 2011 The Schilling Show)

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  1. If Huja really does support the UN to such an extent (doubtful), then perhaps we should be relieved he’s running for Charlottesville City Council, where he can do absolutely nothing to advance that agenda.

  2. Dear Rob, Please consider changing the Democratic
    Socialist Republic of Charlottesville (D.S.R.C.)
    flag to include a panel of the United Nations flag
    within it. Maybe Charlottesville City Council can
    vote to become a U.N.-certified city. Char-
    lottesville/Albemarle County has a U.N.E.S.C.O.
    world heritage site with the Rotunda. City Council
    needs to keep the momentum advancing. Forget “Sister
    Cities”. Charlottesville needs to become a “sister
    city” of the United Nations. Then we will truly be
    a “world class city.”

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