Electronic traffic signs posted on Rio Road near the northern terminus of the soon-to-be opened Meadowcreek Parkway showed the following messages for at least two days—text likely entered by a recent product of government schools.

How many thousands saw this sign and drew negative inferences about incompetent government-hired workers?

How many thousands saw this sign and did not notice a problem?

HT to Terrible Tim Griffith for taking notice.



  1. This is just evidence that people are human and can make mistakes, and in general we don’t really read those signs when driving by, but see “pav…rio…fr…sa…ex…del” and our brains put together the rest.

  2. Christina’s reply displays the mindset shared by a large multitude of Amerikans who are willing to forgive (make excuses for) anything/anyone as long as it costs themselves nothing.
    I agree that it is a harmless error but it should keep everyone’s focus on the FACT that government doesn’t do ANYTHING well. (It doesn’t even do the best it can.)
    I see this as the SAME as some official saying the words, “I take full responsibility…” which is only said when there is no consequence involved.
    If there is a consequence what they say is, “we must find whoever is responsible and deal with them appropriately.”

  3. this was done by the company hired by VDOT to get the road really. this is not first time this has happen and will not be last. so, take person who screwed up outside behind the wood shed.

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