It’s happened again. And again. And again. Less than 90 days after The Schilling Show reported dangerous and ongoing parking violations at Albemarle High School (AHS), the problem persists.

The latest pictures, taken in January and February by Schilling Show contributor Jorge Brooks, Jr., show cars lining yellow-curbed emergency-vehicle access areas, blocking clearly marked fire lanes, and parking adjacent to fire hydrants on AHS grounds during various sports-related events. One picture displays an official Albemarle County Fire Command vehicle parked amidst other transgressors in a signed NO PARKING zone.

Responding to our previous coverage of these ongoing offenses, Albemarle County Schools’ Communications Officer, Phil Giaramita, indicated that AHS principal Jay Thomas had been notified of the problem, as had the local fire marshal. Apparently, the designated recipients in school and county administration did not receive the message clearly as these alarming parking illegalities continue.

See the latest parking violations at Albemarle High School:


  1. Albemarle County Schools’ Superintendent Pam Moran responds to our report on illegal parking at Albemarle High School:

    We have and will continue to try and enforce the law whenever.
    administration is made aware of parking violations either through reports.
    to the office or their own observation of illegal parking situations.


    Pamela R. Moran, Ed.D
    Superintendent of Schools.
    Albemarle County Public Schools.
    Charlottesville, Virginia 22902.

  2. Rob,

    Good work. Got this email from AHS:

    Sent: 2/23/2012 5:57:22 P.M. Eastern Standard Time
    Subj: Parking

    A message from ALBEMARLE HIGH SCHOOL
    Dear Patriot Community Member:

    If you have had occasion to visit our grounds for a school or community event during the past several months, you may have noticed improvements we have made to improve traffic flow and parking, especially in and around emergency vehicle access or handicapped areas.

    Recently, however, there have been reports of some vehicles being parked illegally, including in front of a fire hydrant and in other areas that block emergency vehicle access. The fines for these infractions can range as high as $200, but more importantly, they are a significant public safety concern.

    We have requested of the Albemarle County Police that they increase their patrol of our grounds to ensure the safety and protection of all people who use our facilities during and outside of school hours.

    Thank for your cooperation in helping to keep our grounds as safe as possible.


    Jay P. Thomas

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