Charlottesville City Communications Director, Ric Barrick, tendered his resignation today following the release of an investigative report by The Schilling Show Blog and News.

Schilling’s yearlong investigation resulted in Special Prosecutor, Diana Wheeler, being named to research procurement and procedural anomalies inside City Hall.

Barrick cited job “stress” as the primary reason for his departure from the $95,000 per year position, which he has held for nearly six years. Barrick will leave his post at the end of March.


Read The Schilling Show’s report on Barrick’s City Hall improprieties.


  1. when is the city going to adult thing and let him go.
    He is still on payroll as a P-14 earning $27.50 per hr..

  2. wow Rob, Great Job…bet my ol' man would have liked to expose of the LAUSD and LA City ( not to mention the military contracts….ugh) that played these types of games out here for many years, ousting us from being lowest when they had a "buddy-system'" in "farming -out" our bids to their pals in a similar manner…Good riddance Baarrriik!

  3. In other words, Paul, when his replacement is hired at an additional $93k, the department will expand from 3 to 4 employees.

  4. It seem it goes beyond other words.
    Seem that Ric is related Commonweath Attorney here in Charlottesville. Like Son – Father per rumor mill.
    Suddenly sites that used to carry this information is no long able to look it up. It is like when Channel 8 in Richmond broke the story on voter fraud and than next day the information is pulled………..
    When are we the citizens going to standup to this onesideness form of government?
    And yes when they have vented someone from the onesideness form of government than the department will expand to include boss and 3 or 4 employees.
    If I could sell my house, I would and leave. Maybe the city will buy it from me for a fair market value.

  5. If Barrick resigned from his job but is still making $27.64 an hour promoting the city’s 250th anniversary and doing other work, does that mean that he actually had two jobs working for the city and kept one? That seems to be the case from what’s been reported or else he did not in fact resign, he simply had his responsibilities and maybe pay rate scaled back.

    If Barrick did have two jobs, was he actually getting paid for the second on top of the salary that he drew for being communications director? Did that second job take time from the job that he was already being paid too much money to do, essentially paying him twice for a single hour of work?

  6. No he didn’t have tow job. As the spoke person for the city as part of his job was to be working upcoming 250th anniversary. Since he resign, they had no one ot step in so he was keep on team.
    Call down town and speak to Mr. Jones and get this answer.
    Just bad.

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