The story of an Albemarle County teacher removing “God” from a popular song has landed Schilling Show host, Rob Schilling, on the front page of the Internet’s premier news source,

Subsequent to Drudge running the news, Schilling’s account of government-school deity-redaction also was featured on Glenn Beck’s The Blaze and Todd Starnes’ Fox News & Commentary, among many other major media outlets.

Web traffic from to was so intense that it crashed the incoming server and alternate hosting arrangements were sought.

The Schilling Show extends gratitude to the Drudge Report for picking up the story and to Norm Leahy and who reposted it, accepting the incoming link from Drudge.


  1. This was a valid news item to bring to the public’s attention, especially from the copyright violation and the religious sanitization angles. However, why the continued gloating? Where’s the Christianity in this egotistic, self-promoting aftermath for nearly a week now? Seems like the pound of flesh has been taken several times over.

  2. “…..there were these two guys having a discussion. One was a liberal and one was a conservative. As always, the liberal said to the conservative when he was talking about cutting the size of government, ‘Where will you Cut?’ And you know what, that’s a…..”

    Wait. Hold it right there, Rob shared that a couple postings back (watch visual recorded component )

    With regard for that view, I differ with A-Guy. It’s not so much just about gloating Christianity as you might try being to necessarily repackage and possibly misrepresent. I think the whole passed week speaks to those of us freshly awaking from complacency and finding the necessity to fast become increasingly vigilant (and NO – I DON’T MEAN VIGILANTE.)

    Neither am I going to stay incessantly clamoring over what readily can be tuned out or turned off. So Albemarle Guy, when you charge “egotistic, self-promoting aftermath” are you atempting to be mistakenly taken as a serious moderate from such comment?

  3. Even if only a few have been awakened from their complacency, then it has been worth the inconvenience imposed on the “innocents” on the front lines who had to weather the sh–storm of grief and flack, taking fire from the national public and local community for the cowards that hid behind them – those that would not stand up and take responsibility for causing the lyrics to be changed, be it the teacher (or teachers), the school principal and/or administrators, or board members.

    More importantly than the success of a local story “gone viral” is the referenced awakening that this has hopefully advanced at both local and national levels. Score one for the “Culture Warriors”, spread the word that being vigilant (responsibly) gets results YOU want while being complacent gets results OTHERS want!

    The sane but oft-too-silent majority far outnumbers the vocal lunatic fringe. Do not be intimidated and most importantly, do not forget: WE surround THEM.

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