In yet another “sign” of incompetent management and lack of oversight in Charlottesville government, city work crews have created and installed a misspelled street sign in a highly traveled corridor near Greenbrier School.

Greenbrier Drive has become Greenbriar Drive at one intersection, while other locations on the same street bear the correct, longstanding spelling.

Although thousands of cars per week travel this street—and there is a stop sign at the misspelled intersection—astoundingly, the erratum has remained for months.

And, this is not Charlottesville’s first instance of botched street designation. Another Greenbrier thoroughfare, Holly Road, was misspelled as Holley Road, and that sign was posted for weeks before complaints brought revision.

In an educated city, in a place that bows at the altar of big government, in one that richly rewards its city hall overlords, such errors—while relatively trivial—belie Charlottesville city’s biggity and inflated claims of “World Class” governance.

See Charlottesville City’s misspelled signs:


  1. Turn out the word Greenbriar is missed spell on both side of the sign. Like Rob, I wonder how many yrs I have driven by that sign and it been misspelled. Maybe Mr. Jone and city council should create a new position — office of spelling.

  2. As a cacographer myself, I'm not sure I want the City Mgr. spell checking signs. I hope he has more important things to do.

  3. As a cacographer myself, I’m not sure I want the City Mgr. spell checking signs. I hope he has more important things to do.

    Hah, I just learned a new word! Thanks for that.

    And good point. It’s a little much to expect the city manager to check the staff’s spelling. And a little much to imply that in this day and age, when so many people have trouble spelling, a city administration dominated by Republicans wouldn’t have made the same mistake.

  4. If this educated city paid its lowly employees a living wage, when managment is top heavy, they would produce a better product.

  5. Remember one thing please, you are picking on people that make way less than the over paid city officials and have had to live with all the political crap that goes with being a city employee! if TWO signs is all we have to complain about then news must be slow! The signs can be used again once taken down and covered! as a conservative I find this very disheartening that this is directed at people that actually work for a living! Is this show turning into a bash anyone without thought to who it is directed at? There are GREAT city employees out there so please tread lightly on those making under $40,000 per year! Do not become what you are fighting against!

  6. Note: Previous two replies posted from INSIDE Charlottesville city hall using phony email addresses.

    To clarify: 1) Yes, there are lots of great people inside city hall; 2)no one is picking on city employees; 3) no one is forcing anyone else to work for the city, and you are free to leave any time if the environment is not to your liking.

    Suggesting the disenfranchised and disaffected stand up and take control of their own destinies.

  7. Take it to next level, ho w many of city employees in the city? How many live in county? How many live in another county beside Albemarle? Yes there are good people who work for the city. As the few I know they were working before this current management team took over. Before they came on board, we had a say, now we are told to keep our mouth shut and do as you are told? The point is a waste of the money we pay in to city general fund. Should have been done right the first time. Or checked by first line supervisor before it was put up. All this does is made us all look bad…. Than let spend more money. At Powhatan Correctional Center has a profession sign shop — before anything goes out it is check by the first line supervisor. Who is making the signs — inmates from license plates to road signs.

  8. There are GREAT city employees out there so please tread lightly on those making under $40,000 per year!

    I’m sure a lot of city employees are wonderful people, and they may deserve higher pay, but we shouldn’t have to pay $40,000 or more for them to get 10 letters correct.

  9. When the overlords within city government MAKING QUITE WELL OVER 40K YEARLY bring up “living wage,” such is usually with one own hand open having the unchallenged anticipation of finagling their own “live it up” interests!!!

    Cruz said “…you are picking on people that make way less than the over paid city officials and have had to live with all the political crap that goes with being a city employee!”

    Oh and unless something WAS moderated out here Cruz, who was picked on that makes less than 40,000 yearly here, huh? If you are friend or foe from within the cabal operating city hall, please remember this….

    How much does it COST from making to placing up just one of those street signs? I’ll tell you, it is hopefully enough to pay and provide a bag of groceries for elderly or low economical class citizens. You bet I cringe when I see this or other spending waste by our card blanche “world class” spending city.

  10. This is still a free country so say what ever you want! “those without sin can cast the first stone” I listen to the truly ignorant statements posted and realize this is attacks without knowledge of the process or the real people involved! There are so many more and better fish to fry but you choose to pick on 2 out of roughly 25000 signs in this town! Rob while you were a councilman where was the compliments when the 2:00am water leaks, gas leaks and sewer problems were going on? When you choose to put yourself on a pedestal then you shouldn’t pick on the little guy because we remember when YOU had it in your ability to help but chose to play politics just like those you slam now! Say what ever you want and God Bless America!

  11. I’m no fan of City government, but this is really weak. It’s also hilarious to see so many grammar and spelling mistakes from people critical of the people who made the signs. I screwed up several thing at work today. Maybe one or two escaped my notice and I wasn’t able to fix them. I’m sure that’s true of almost anyone who actually bothers to go to work.

    Rob you can do better and there is no doubt that there are real local issues that need to be brought to light. Why alienate people like Cruz above who just might have access to the sort of information that could help you do that? The thing that disappoints me the most about your show and the local issues you do try to cover is that despite having been an insider, you seem to have almost no inside connections or information.

    The water supply battle for example has a huge untold back story and there is almost certainly some very embarrassing information floating around City Hall. Make me proud and do what it takes to dig some of that up before the people who want it all to disappear have a chance to bury it.

    There are so many stories like that and no one with the exception of the Hook wants to cover them. We desperately need another source of real news around here. Garbage like this is little better than Hollywood gossip. It’s purely entertainment and pretty dull entertainment at that.

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