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by Steve Lopez

Guest Editorial Graphic Schilling Show BlogAs Election Day nears it’s important to remember all of the voices that have been silenced by the tyranny of abortion. All of us have felt the negative impact of a teetering economy and a national debt that has risen more under President Obama than any President in United States history, and while those problems are pressing there has been no President in U.S. History that has done more to harm the unborn than President Obama.

In the past several months he has appeared in two Planned Parenthood commercials: most recently a campaign advertisement and the other being a taxpayer subsidized advertisement filmed at the White House. Obama’s blind allegiance to the abortion industry didn’t start during this election, while running for President during the last election he stood before Planned Parenthood leaders and made promises that he’s kept. He stated that abortion was “essential healthcare”.

(Obama promising to promote abortion in 2007):


Obama was one of the few U.S. Senators who defended partial birth abortion before the federal ban was upheld by the United States Supreme Court. A position he also held as a state Senator in Illinois. President Obama is not interested in sharing the truth about Planned Parenthood. He is cavalier with his facts, even repeating the lies of Planned Parenthood.

(Obama lying about Planned Parenthood):


Imagine what would happen if President Obama actually shared the truth about abortion rather than regurgitating the lies and deception of the abortion industry. How different would his constituents view abortion if they heard the voices of the victims that his policies attempt to eradicate? Listed below is his campaign advertisement that was modified to include the voice of the victims alongside the truth.

(Obama campaign ad):


President Obama is not a moderate — he’s an extremist. And your vote for life counts. Please share these videos with your friends and family and ask them to remember the millions of unborn babies whose lives will be lost if we continue to tolerate the injustice of abortion by our silence and our willingness to elect politicians who have declared war on the unborn.

May God have mercy on this great nation!

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