In the aftermath of Albemarle County Board of Supervisors member Christopher Dumler’s sexual battery conviction, The Schilling Show solicited his fellow board members for comment:

Ken Boyd responded:

 “My first inclination was to stay silent on this issue but as an elected official I feel an obligation to explain to my constituents a position. I am as shocked as many that we will have a sitting board member concurrently serving jail time. I am particularly concerned that the offence is for sexual assaults on up to at least three women. Up until his admission of guilt I was willing to except his denial of the charges and let the courts decide. As representatives of the people we don’t have to always agree ideologically, but we must be assured of the integrity and honesty of our fellow board members. I no longer believe this about Mr. Dumler. If he decides not to do what I feel is the honorable thing and step down, I will find it hard to accept his creditability in future deliberations of our board.”

Dennis Rooker responded:

 “If he had committed a felony, he would have had to resign.  He didn’t, and whether or not he decides to continue to serve on the board is up to him.”

Rodney Thomas responded:

“Mr. Dumbler [sic] made his decision to confess to a lesser charge, sexual battery, in order to hope for a misdemeanor. By doing this he could avoid the felony charge which would have been an automatic elimination from the AC Board of Supervisors. Mr Dumbler has made the decision toconfess [sic] to a lesser charge and he has to live with his decision not to resign from our Board of Supervisors.”

Neither Ann Mallek, Chairman, nor Duane Snow, Vice-Chairman, responded to The Schilling Show’s request for comment.

However in a January 31, 2013 statement to Newsplex, Snow said:

 “As a board we work very well together in accomplishing the things that need to be done in Albemarle County. We’ve been able to do that over the last several months while this has been an issue and I believe we will continue to be able to do that.”

And in the February 1, 2013 Daily Progress coverage of Dumler’s plea, Ann Mallek said:

“I’m sorry for the entire set of circumstances. He certainly has been a good representative so far and I hope he will continue to do so.”

To which, Rooker added:

 “The capacity to forgive someone who has made a mistake like this is probably greater for a younger person than it is for someone in their 50s or 60s. The fact that he is a young man, and has a lot of years ahead of him, provides some greater latitude for people to say to themselves, ‘This is a youthful mistake,’ and he certainly has plenty of time left in his life to give back to the public and redeem himself.”

The Schilling Show has also sought comment from the regions’ leading sexual abuse and female-centric organizations:

Sexual Assault Resource Agency(SARA)

Shelter for Help in Emergency(SHE)

Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance

Charlottesville NOW

University of Virginia Women’s Center

None has responded thus far, but post-publication comments will be added here if received.


UPDATE 2/1/2013 10:42 AM: Duane Snow responded:

I have often heard it said. That what a man does in his private life does not matter as long as he’s able to execute his responsibilities in business or public life.

As a leader integrity should be a component of all aspects of your life. 

integrity is something that can not be turned on and off. 

Mr Dumlers  future on the board is a decision to be made by him and his constituents. 

This is a difficult time for the County,

especially for the citizens of the scottesville district.


UPDATE: 2/1/2013 5:18 PM: Ann Mallek responded:

Regarding Chris Dumler:

Watching this series of events unfold reminds me of my mother’s lesson, that good behavior is essential every day, for oneself and for one’s neighbors, and helps to provide a happy life.

There are only two people who know what happened. We must rely on our court system to investigate and to come to an appropriate conclusion.

State law provides the process for qualification for office, and the residents and voters of the Scottsville district, for whom Mr. Dumler has worked hard to represent well, should decide who their elected supervisor should be.



  1. This is a sad moment in the time of 3 women lives in this area. This Sunday we all needs to be our knees praying that the victum of this man, will find peace their hearts. We need to ensure that all victums of this type of crime are included in out prayers. What the board is currently doing is normal, in fact most people would rately turn the channel on radio or TV than to have to deal with this type of crime. Rooder and Mallek how would they react if they were in victum’s shoes? It is easy to just turn the other cheek. Yes indeed it is a sad moment in time of 3 women who lives will never be the same, 3 women who are scarred the rest of their lives. These is not enough sorry, or forgives in world to undo the hurt this numbnut has done. These is not enough power in world to made it easier for them to live this shame that society has dumped on them for letting this happen.Very nature of this type of crime is power and power only. I can do what I want to you body and there is nothing you can do about it. This is the state Rooder and Mallek are endorsing!. it is a sad moment in time for 3 women.

  2. To Rooker…What if it was your daughter, granddaughter, wife or sister that was one of his victims upon whom he FORCED himself? What message is this sending to our youth especially in middle and high school? Now for the race issue…would he still be on the Board if he were black? Youthful mistake…okay. But shouldn't he have to re-earn his respect, taking time to show he has changed before sitting in a position of power. The message this is sending is not one with which I agree.

  3. Dennis Rooker's hair is affecting his mind. This man reminds me of the "opposite indian" character in "Little Big Man", an old Dustin Hoffman movie. He say's no when he means yes, he washes with dirt and drys off with water. Cannot believe the positions he takes for the "good' of Albemarle County. In my opinion, Dumler only admitted to these serious crimes so not to ousted from the Board of Supervisors. I live in the Scottsville district and do not want this man representing me anymore. What he did was shameful and showed no respect to women or the people he represents. What are we going to say when this man does this again? It will happen and a "I told you so" is all we're going to be able to say about it. He needs to be replaced and put on the sexual offender list. I volunteer to take his place until the next election.

  4. can you believe this is happening? I am really tired of no one doing whats'right anymore. Totally disgusted!

  5. It is time to stop complaining about this issue and do something about it. it is not going to be easy road ahead. time to isolate him, time to buy him out, time to get message across it is time for him and his kind to move on. For him to be place on the sexual offender list need to be a felony but give him time and he will work his way there.

  6. I have not been this incensed over an issue, in this fashion, in quite a while. Even in this day and age of pantywaist political correctness, it would be one thing had this remained a relatively simple situation of HE SAID/SHE SAID. Had both the law enforcement and the judicial system simply not have been able to put forth a concrete case, and despite what our own personal intuitive insight told us, there was room for reasonable doubt. However this is not the case. This man, or rather person, as the term man as we understand it, would be a compliment, has, for whatever reason, freely admitted to sexual battery. I know bullies, and I know the creatures they become, when political power and personal arrogance are stirred into the cauldron with someone of that bent. Any male, who for whatever reason, finds it necessary to take by force from a woman, that which she does not freely wish to give, is a monster. Dennis Rooker tends to think that this is some kind simple youthful indiscretion, and that he’ll mellow when he’s older. Well, that’s not been my experience in the fifty years of my existence. Unless something monumental transpires, the youthful mean spirited male offspring of a female dog,usually grows old as a self seeking reprehensible individual whose birth lacks legitimacy, because nothing was done to apply a force of correction to the problem, at such a time as this. He has demonstrated his disdain for women in at least three instances. He has proven his callousness by serving as a bartender for SARA in a recent fundraising drive. SARA, The Sexual Assualt and Resource Agency, was founded and exists for the sole purpose of helping women who have encountered males like himself. Is he that simple a hypocrite, or is there something seriously wrong? Is that why he has been ordered to have psycho-sexual evaluations? If a male cannot control himself, or is having a mental problem preventing him from doing so, then is it proper to have this individual in a position of command and control over those of us who DON’T SEXUALLY ABUSE WOMEN? I’ sorry but any male who misuses his God given strength to injure or abuse women or children, whose strength was given by God, for the exact opposite reason, I have little patience with. Chris Dumler is an affront to everything that one in authority is supposed to be. The idea that he could have any say over my daily life is both repugnant and hateful. The Scottsville citizens deserve better as does each citizen of Albemarle on the whole.

  7. From George Washington’s inaugural address:
    “The propitious smiles of Heaven can never be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules of order and right which Heaven itself hath ordained”.

    Seems to me that the people of this country, especially the leaders of Albemarle County, have lost their moral compass.

    When we as a nation lose our moral compass then it’s just a matter of time before God’s wrath falls upon this country and it’s people.

  8. Now is time for cooler head and a clear game plan. How are you going to replacement? If you take time and check the code of VA, why do you this ass took a plea deal. Because he knew that there was nothing anyone could do to him. So he is still there, time to isolate him. Why do you think the Democrat party has maintain it icy grip on certain part of the county and city of Charlottesville. They use power that come along with their office….. Only thing can do is do ass watch and keep this in new, newspaper, on a billboard…

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