Courtesy of The Blue Spade, aka, Scott Bandy, following are the lyrics to his most recent music parody, “Chris Dumler Should Be Leaving,” a song that chronicles Albemarle County’s embattled, sex offender / Supervisor, Christopher Dumler. Despite a howling bi-partisan chorus of calls for his resignation, Dumler will not leave, hence this renewed, musical plea.

Sung to the tune of The Mamas & The Papas, “California Dreamin’,” this live performance occurred on The Schilling Show, February 20, 2013, before a radio audience of thousands.

Click below to hear the audio recording of Scott Bandy’s stellar re-imagination of this American pop classic.

Chris-Dumler Should Be Leaving
(to the Mamas and Papas Tune: California Dreamin’)

All our faith’s been blown
And thrown in disarray
He’s become the talk
Quite to SARA’s dismay
Caught up in a storm
That isn’t going away

Chris-Dumler should be leaving
But says he wants stay

Showing such besmirch
One night he had his way
Sentenced plea bargaining – please
To serve on Saturday
What breaks for news or so we’re told
Upon the board he’ll stay

Chris-Dumler Should be leaving
But insists he will stay

All our faith’s been blown
And thrown in disarray
He’s become the talk
Quite to SARA’s dismay
And hasn’t gone away
If only he’d defer

Chris-Dumler should be leaving
by stepping down today

Chris-Dumler says he staying
But really needs to leave

Chris-Dumler claims he staying
But ought to really leave

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Rob Schilling is founder of the multi-award-winning Schilling Show Blog and News, proprietor of Schilling Show Media; host of both the Schilling Show Unleashed Podcast and WINA's The Schilling Show heard weekdays at noon; husband; father; worship leader, Christian recording artist and Community Watchdog.


  1. A recording of this song needs to be play as Dumler walk into local jail and on upon his release. Maybe outside the county office building when he is there. Just something to think about.

  2. I’ve just read the Marlene Condon piece Rob was ranting about yesterday. It’s a pretty confused piece of work. Condon seems to think that judging someone for committing rape (Dumler) is as bad as judging them for having consensual sex (Hester Prynne in the Scarlet Letter). She also implies that Dumler is likely to be innocent, but doesn’t justify that opinion in the face of the fact that several women have accused him of the same crime.

    No, the problem is just that people judge sodomy so they judge Dumler, and if they just got over their disapproval of sodomy, they’d get over their disapproval of Dumler. She presents no evidence, no quotes, no studies, no anything, to back up her own judgment of Dumler’s judges. She accuses Dumler’s critics of judging without evidence, but she presents none herself.

    Her criticisms of Rob are richly deserved, however, and correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t remember him actually answering them while he was bashing Condon in his usual outraged tone of voice. Where is the evidence that a man already in trouble for committing a crime in private would commit the same type of crime in public? By what bizarre logic would Rob think Dumler could do it if he wanted to? The camera operator would stand by while the female reporter was raped? That’s nuts. And we’ve already discussed the question of whether Dumler’s a danger in schools. He is no danger in high schools. And there is no evidence that he’s a pedophile, a danger to younger kids.

    Condon’s right here: Rob is engaging in smears, trading on people’s natural abhorrence for what Dumler’s actually done to make them think he’s likely to do something much worse. But I’ve learned not to expect judicious and responsible rhetoric from a guy who compares gun control to the first step in Nazi genocide, or agrees that liberal politicians are sociopaths. Dumler’s behavior is much worse than Rob’s, but it doesn’t excuse Rob’s either.

  3. there alway seem to be this underlying theme that Dumler is Innocent. I don’t get how you can say this man is innocent unless he was video taping the action or someone else was there watching. It seem as time has gone along the Dumler mess has become a free for all. Let see who can come up with the next line or phrase to put in print or on airway. It is easier to stick to one word — Predator, he is a predator and shall go to he grave as a Predator. In a few years this will all be a foot note in history. Dumler’s behavior is becoming more and more out of line. All he is doing is ensuring that he has proven he is a cold hearted predator. Yes Rob has pushed a little too much of late, I no that Dumler would not attack the woman TV report. Per the Pedator handbook he need to show he is safe around women. As far as school he should not be going there strictly from point of view of position that he hold.I worked with enough sociopaths behind the fence and liberal around here would leave a deposit in their short if they met the sociopaths I used to know. In fact couple of them live in Charlottesville, check out the Cross.

  4. the sociopaths I used to know. In fact couple of them live in Charlottesville, check out the Cross.

    I worked with one or two in a previous life. What do you mean by “check out the Cross”?

  5. Neat! And pretty clever. Thanks for publishing, Rob. Satire is a potent weapon against evil.

    I remain amused by the few Dumler excusers explaining that we’re unhappy with Dumler’s actions of (accused) forced sodomy, because of the sodomy aspect and completely ignoring the FORCED aspect – e.g. against the victim’s will. Also these excusers assure us that the lady reporter was completely safe; because we all know now (according to Dumler’s MANY victims) what a respectful and morally-upright gentleman Dumler is. And finally an admitted, convicted sexual batterer is absolutely no threat at all to kids on school property. Yeah right!!

    Charlottesville City Councilor Norris got it very right when he referenced Dumler as a sexual violator at Friday Night’s Candlelight Vigil.

  6. I haven’t seen anyone say that the reporter was safe because Dumler’s morally upright. I have seen other people put words in their mouths and then explain why those words are wrong. That’s the straw man strategy, useful to people who can’t rebut the actual argument but are determined to believe what they want to believe anyhow. Along those same lines, if Dumler was really a threat to kids on school property, you’d be able to rebut the arguments of those who’ve said he’s not.

    You can now fall silent, respond with another insult, or make actual arguments. Based on his experience with the criminal population, area58 has argued that Dumler fits the predator profile and is for that reason dangerous in the schools. I don’t agree that Dumler’s a danger there, but area58 did make an argument. That’s the respectable manner of discourse.

  7. Dumler does fit the predator profile. I would like to interview him, just to see when started on this course of life. Until he has been fully debrief, safest coarse of action is for him to stay away from the school. Due to the highly volatile charged emotional state of affair currently going on. School age children do look up to elected offical and other V.I.P., the issue for me as a retired professional is type of example he would be setting for the children. But until the court step in or someone with a cooler head is able to get him to understand, the safter course is to step down.However the law the way it is currently written is on his side. it is the same law that protect us all. So what next? Dumler is a predator just based on the what I have read, the women I have listen too and fact he took a deal. His legal team knew what they were doing and still do. Need to follow the money!

  8. area, don’t forget Dumler _is_ supposed to undergo an evaluation. He probably already has. Don’t you think 15 weekends in the slammer might change his ways? He knows he’d get serious time if he was ever convicted again. Punishment does reform some people.

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