An amended Albemarle General District Court Disposition Notice, dated April 10, 2013, shows a change in Chris Dumler’s previously weekend-only incarceration schedule.

Beginning April 12, the embattled sex offender cum Albemarle County Supervisor will serve “straight time” through April 21, and then resume his “normal” schedule (weekends only) for the remainder of his term.

Also of note, Dumler’s original Disposition Notice says that his jail time “shall omit 1st of each month,” presumably meaning that he may skip the first weekend of each month. According to reports, the wayward Supervisor did not serve time this past weekend, April 5 through April 7.

The circumstances surrounding Chris Dumler’s amended disposition and the special request/accommodation were not stated on the document.

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  1. Breaking news: Court documents obtained say embattled Albemarle County Supervisor, Chris Dumler, heading to jail for 9 consecutive days.

  2. Something bothers me, and encourages me at the same time. This should be national news, that bothers me. I'm encouraged that people like Rob, are still out there and not afraid to speak truth to power. Keep up the good work.

  3. I am just curious…. Is this common for people who serve weekend sentences? I had no idea the offender could dictate the terms of his/her sentence.

  4. If they can show hardship. If they can show the Judge it would serve the people for them to serve their time this way. The only goal is to get the time over and done with. After a while the court will get tired of this and Dumler may end up serving rest of this time in one lump sum. But look at this way pressure is getting to him. Also his legal team can spin this in as a postive to keep him on BOS. I had to do the 9 days because I was afraid for my life. Someone has been shooting at my house. The predator is using the handbook. Lagal pressure is the key.

  5. Does anyone know WHY Dumler received special treatment and gets to dictate his own jail schedule? I thought Judge Barclay had refused the request for his schedule change and then someone else obviously decided to change it. How many others who have to serve time in jail, get to choose their own schedules? Also what's happening with the Army? Are they doing ANYTHING? He is a PUBLIC official, and supposedly representing Scottsville District, we have a right to know the answers to these questions!

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