Sharing his take on Little Shop of Horrors’ Somewhere That’s Green, the Blue Spade (aka Scott Bandy) strikes again!

This clever lampoon of Charlottesville’s ubiquitous quest for environmental purity originally was performed April 22, 2013 on WINA’s The Schilling Show.

Click below to listen:


A City That’s Green
By Scott Bandy

I know C’ville’s the greatest
but City Hall’s full of gung-ho State-ists
So I lost two years back
and some think I am daff
But Charlottesville’s still swell
if not, I wouldn’t
be here to tell
And I dream of a place
where we get together
and laugh

A permeable lawn
roads shared for bicycling
Viewsheds being *sine qua non [*Latin / Pronounce si-ne kwah-nohn]
Pre-Sort re-cycling
Panhandlers which you look at
hoping they don’t be obscene
a LEAP compliant habitat
In a city that’s Green

Protests for living wage
A UVa routine
So I’m fat as Chris Christie
and comb my hair like Wolverine
The tree commission’s fealty
keep carbon footprints lean
with a buy local first plea
In a city that’s Green

Between pressing due arrears
and to faith render amen
We catch Andrea Copeland
on Local Access Channel Ten
Oh the social engineers
lest what’s left – be uncontest
the blue collar trades disband
as the rest try do their best
A picture perfect Charlottesville
as thus never been seen
Sift through the chaff
to dream and laugh
In a city that’s green

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