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In the shadow of Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, a spiritual sickness flourishes. Courtesy of the Jefferson Madison Regional Library (JMRL) system and the Charlottesville National Organization for Women, library patrons and their children are being exposed to a panopoly of explicit sexual practices placed alongside a provocative array of abortion desensitization and normalization propaganda.

All who enter Charlottesville’s Central Library are confronted with a glass case display bearing signs proclaiming “Your Body Your Choice” and “My Body My Choice.” Between the twin posters is a biblically inspired portrait of the Lion and the Lamb (i.e. Jesus), being descended upon by the dove of peace. The intentional combination of Christian symbolism with radical pro-abortion verbiage is confusing at best, and demonic, at worst.

The case itself, just steps away from the children’s section of the library, contains sexual and abortion related literature and paraphernalia directed toward youth. An examination of the case content and books placed on top of the case reveals messaging, instruction, and advice that broadly would be considered X-rated.

One book, open and featured inside the glass case details female masturbation:

“Even from an early age, girls (like boys) can find that touching or rubbing their own sex organs can feel good… For many girls, having orgasms when they masturbate is trickier at first than it is for boys. It can take patience and practice to get to know your clitoris…Masturbation is one of those things that almost everyone does, but few people talk about it. It is usually a very private and personal act, although mutual masturbation is sometimes done with a partner.”

On top of the glass case, another book—specifically written for a middle and high school aged audience—entitled simply, “this book is about sex,” by Tucker Shaw and Fiona Gibb, defines and explains divergent sexual practices and terms so that kids will be well equipped for their early experiences:

Doggie style: A sexual position that mimics the way dogs have intercourse (female on all fours with the male entering from behind).

Eat out: To give oral sex to a woman…

Finger: Inserting finger/fingers into the vagina and or/stimulating the clitoris for sexual pleasure.

Golden Shower: Sexual fetish in which one person urinates on the other…

Orgy: A sexual encounter involving more than three people.

Queef: Sound often made during sexual intercourse as a result of air pockets getting trapped in the vagina during the thrusting of the penis.

Subsections of the same book answer quintessential questions regarding sexuality such as:

  • Should we have a foursome?
  • How do I meet other lesbians?
  • What can I expect if I have an abortion?

Within the glass case itself, is a virtual cornucopia of anti-religious, pro-abortion agitprop, and sexually themed items, including:

  • A button proclaiming “If men became pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament”
  • A gold-colored “coat hanger” necklace
  • A complete Intra-Uterine Device (IUD)
  • An exposed, unopened package of birth control pills
  • Male and female condoms in various colorful packages, disguised as candy, with messaging such as “two become one” and “sweet one”
  • An ode to racist eugenicist and Planned Parenthood founder, Margaret Sanger
  • “Keep Abortion Legal” buttons
  • Condom bumper stickers
  • A quote from the book, Not for Everyday Use, demeaning Catholic teachings on sexuality

JMRL’s policy Section 4.51 addresses Displays and Handouts, and specifies that display space will be granted only under the following circumstances:

Requests made by the public for Library display space shall be granted only for educational, artistic, and cultural materials appropriate for all ages and designed primarily to promote interest in the use of books, other Library materials, or information services. [emphasis added]

The library clearly miscarries in meeting its own fundamental “all ages” test, as many of the displayed books are labeled “Young Adult.” Coat hangers, threesomes, and female condoms are clearly appropriate only for age-limited audiences.

Section 4.51 also addresses equity in such displays to be determined by the branch manager:

A request for a display focusing on a public issue must indicate that all aspects of the issue will be presented in an equal manner. The Branch Manager will determine whether or not the proposed display is balanced.

Such a lopsided display could not possibly meet the “balanced” criteria; yet, it was supposed to have been approved by library branch manager, Krista Farrell, who as a parent of two adopted children, would seemingly have great compassion for the suffering of children (both born and pre-born).

While NOW is merely fulfilling its execrable mission, the Jefferson Madison Regional Library has utterly failed its patrons by violating its own policies in a most contemptible way. JMRL has used taxpayer supported space to feature the gruesome Planned Parenthood / National Organization for Women political agenda—one which results in dead and dismembered babies. And it is attempting to market all manner of sexual experiences at very young ages as being “perfectly normal.” All of this pedaled, unavoidably, to children who enter Charlottesville’s Central Library not for politics, abortion, or sex, but for a peaceful learning experience.


  1. First of all, “in the shadow of Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello” is ridiculous considering the fact that he raped his slaves. There are many problems there. Second, this display is very appropriate for “all ages” considering the fact that children learn worst things at school about sex, and usually the wrong things. Sex needs to be openly talked about, no one should be shamed into masturbating because of some religion. Christianity didn’t need people to have sex because they were converting people into Christianity. Monks made up the first laws about how and what to do during sex, which is insane since supposedly they don’t have sex…

    Catholic taught sex ed classes are also hilarious since they preach abstinence while there are multiple pregnant girls in the class and only show horrific images of STDs rather than teaching kids about sex, safe sex, and what STDs are. As I mentioned, this information is great for all ages because it affects all ages. There are way too many unplanned births and people with STDs. Birth control, condoms, and sex need to be talked about more.

    Just listen to Salt ‘N Peppa’s “Let’s Talk About Sex.” That should be played 1) at the library and 2) during all sex ed classes.

  2. The library display is not appropriate for all ages and clearly should be removed from such central access. If a person desires such information he/she should look it up like any other material in a section of similar information.

  3. This information is irresponsible and totally unacceptable of the library in my beloved home area to propagate with abandon. Wisdom, common sense and reason have been shunned with the full intention of spreading the egregiously damaging, anti-Christ, anti-life propaganda of Planned Barrenhood. If I were there, I would walk into the library with a blanket to cover the evil presentation, simply to make my statement of dissent. There is much begging to be addressed concerning this live-destroying material. MY BODY, MY CHOICE declares an outright lie. A baby developing in his/her mother’s womb is NOT part of his/her mother’s body. It is a separate individual with his/her own distinct DNA. Folks, get real, how can a boy be part of his mother’s body, huh? And for those who don’t consider a human life to begin at conception, what is the precise magic moment it does begin? And what, pray tell, is a baby before that magical moment – a flying squirrel? In making such a ridiculous claim, you are saying that the you you are today was not the same as the you conceived in your mother’s womb. Who was it then, and why did that person or creature or whatever it was at conception turn into you? Here’s something to ponder – when a male requests a female to engage in anal sex, she needs to respond, “Sure, you go first.” Christian philosopher J. Budziszewski in his book, “The Revenge of Conscience”: “Our bodies have a language of their own . . . we say things to each other by what we do with them. What does it mean then . . . when a man puts the part of himself which represents the generation of life into the cavity of decay and expulsion? . . . It means ‘Life, be swallowed up by death.’” To evil Margaret Sanger, black lives did NOT matter! Yes, sadly, I do know women who have had abortions. and they are all exceedingly remorseful over the part they played in having their own flesh and blood violently ripped from their safest havens on earth. To perpetrate the destruction of one’s own child is the most unnatural of acts. For a female to have an abortion is not health care. It is the exact opposite. The intent of an abortion is to 100% guarantee that the unborn will die. There is absolutely nothing safe about abortion for the unborn. Abortion stops a beating heart. Abortion is also far from rare. On average, every day, the unique lives of 1,876 black babies are ended. So what if abortion is considered legal? That certainly does not make it right! The truth is rarely told about the lingering devastating effects an abortion will definitely have to a female considering abortion. It causes a deep enduring wound of profound pain and suffering, and not only to the mother. Who cares what Tucker and Fiona say about homosexuality, menage-a-trois, orgies or swinging both ways? All that matters is what God Almighty says on any given topic. Yes, Virginia, Charlottesville is one sick city.

  4. Clearly, JMRL’s own policies were not followed. Perhaps the term “age appropriate” was misunderstood? Whatever the case, if the library can’t follow their own policies, how could they possibility think others would follow them?

  5. I am the tumor for which my menopausal, age 44 mother refused to have a hysterectomy. She was told she would die of the “cancer” in 6 months. She did have a fibroid tumor (benign), but she also had me. Because she also had a tumor, I was delivered by C-section–hysterectomy a few weeks before full term. She wanted to have 6 children. I am her number 6; named Victoria because I was her victory in the face of “expert opinion.”

    If I have done nothing else in my 82 years, I was in the right place at the right time on 3 separate occasions to save someone’s life.

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