STFU-thumbIn an August 8 interview with the Schilling Show, Greene County Supervisor, Davis Lamb, joined fellow Supervisor, Eddie Deane, in calling for the rescission of draconian new public speech rules, which have drawn ire and outrage from citizens and observers alike.

Lamb’s call is significant, as he is running for reelection in the Ruckersville District, and his opponent, Michelle Flynn, has embraced the rules as “not out of line with what others are doing.”

With two members of Greene’s five-man Board publicly expressing dismay over the widely condemned speech code, the pressure is on Chairman, David Cox, to abrogate the restrictions outright and start over.

Notably, during the interview both Deane and Lamb affirmed support for the replacement of embattled Greene County Administration, John Barkley, whose tenure has been marred by ongoing legal, financial, and ethical scandals. Most recently, Barkley was threatened with legal action over flagrant obstruction of Virginia’s open records laws.

Hear the Schilling Show interview with Davis Lamb and Eddie Dean (begins at 20:25):

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