Hank MartinI was reading about the circumstances regarding the crash of Aeroperu Airlines Flight 603 (2 October 1996). It was truly an accident that need not have happened, and it was due solely to human error. The maintenance crew had taped over the static ports before washing the plane, and neglected to remove the tape afterwards. This resulted in the flight instrumentation, such as the altimeter and airspeed indicator failing, while the plane was flying through dense fog at 01:00 over the ocean. The flight crew had a confused sense of where they were and were receiving contradictory information about altitude and airspeed. The co-pilot began reading through the manual, trying to figure out how to solve the problem. Meanwhile, all sorts of warnings were activating and alerting, both because the aircrafts on-board computer thought that the instrument readings were consistent with various emergencies and because of the crew’s actions, which were completely based on false data and were creating additional problems. The pilot communicated with the air traffic controller, who kept telling him that they were at 9,700 feet. Actually, they were flying dangerously low, as indicated by the repeated aircraft’s automatic warning system calling out “Too low. Terrain!” The pilot decided to descend and ended up crashing into the ocean, killing all passengers and crew. Upon later investigation, it was discovered that with the static ports taped up, air traffic control had been relaying faulty altitude information transmitted by the plane’s transponder.

The situation we now find ourselves in today in our nation is not unlike the example above. All of the societal chaos we are experiencing, the SCOTUS ruling last summer, legitimizing sexual deviancy, the current quandary regarding who uses what restroom being dependent on what mood they are in and feel like identifying with an any given day, etc., all traces back to the chaos I wrote of earlier regarding the effects of the Feminist Movement. Same plane, different seat. And just like tat doomed airliner, whose flight crew found it impossible to pilot without correct flight data, so also, are we now attempting to fly our aircraft of state with our static ports tapped shut.

For nearly two hundred years, our craft was flying true, and with each successive generation, was gradually soaring and gaining altitude. But then, in the 1960’s, the tentacles of undisciplined and unconstrained lust and greed began grafting their way into the hearts and minds of the hippies, so much so, that LOOK magazine even featured an article the day before Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, inquiring what kind of children are the new people raising?

Forty-seven years later, we see the tragic answer.

We. however, should not be at all surprised. Frankly, it’s been by God’s divine grace alone, that He has allowed us to continue to fly this far with our static ports sealed shut. Perhaps the only saving element for America, the action that granted us such profound long suffering from God, was our actions toward Israel. Even in this, America now is failing. What are, or rather, what were our static ports? The Bible. From the discovery of America until the early 60’s America knew and honored He who blessed it. From the very beginning, from the Garden of Eden, God had spoken into creation, an ordered system of living. Of society and civilization. Since Genesis, God makes it very clear: He made them male and female. Male, female. Nothing in the middle. Male, female. He said marriage is when a male and female come together and create a union for life and have children. That’s marriage. However, in reading, you don’t get very far in Genesis until you run into polygamy, incest, prostitution, feminism and rampant homosexuality, and by the nineteenth chapter of Genesis, all the deviations and perversions appear in the book of Genesis—after the Fall.

Marriage is vital to God’s design for an ordered society and a sensible civilization thereby allowing those within the civilization the opportunity to enjoy common grace. Marriage is God’s design, His way to pass on order, peace, and temporal blessing, indeed, even righteousness, from one generation to the next. As such the family has forever been the continual target of Satan’s assault. There have always been elements of corruption that has marked human society. Our nation was blessed by God, and for a few hundred years, America experienced a rare reprieve from this normal kind of conflict that most of the world has always known. That reprieve however, has come to a jolting halt. Up until now, America and much of the Western world, was graced with a brief expanse of time free from such moral conflicts and debasements, due to the prevailing influence of Christian morality. In its leaders, its teachers, its businesses, etc. That no longer is true. There is self-evident rampant corruption, from the dog-catcher to the Oval Office, and all levels of authority in between. The SCOTUS rulings in the mid 60’s, removing God from the public arena, forever changed all of that. To be clear, the objective of Satan, his demons, and consequently, the objective of all who are the subjects of Satan—the children of Satan, as they’re called in Scripture—is to destroy everything that God has made. They are the enemies of God and Christ and the truth of Scripture and the Gospel. It is noteworthy to remember that feminism, homosexuality, homosexual marriage, gender transition, etc., are not the real battlegrounds. The real battle ground is against God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Bible, the Church, and the Gospel. Any blasphemy against God comes from God haters, Christ haters, Bible haters, Gospel haters. And they are fueled by the arch-hater, Satan himself. The objective is not simply to redefine gender. The objective is not simply to redefine marriage. The objective is to destroy what God has designed.

God’s design for families, created a small, sovereign unit that acts as a barrier against the corruption that seeks to dominate. Destroy the family, and the sovereign barrier is disintegrated. We are deceived in all of this if we accept the premise that only goal is homosexual and same-sex marriage. That is as grievous an assumption on that battlefront as is believing we can reason with ISIS in that scenario of conflict. The goal is the total elimination of all marriage, with the end result being you no longer are in possession of the once-taken-for-granted notion, as guaranteed by our Constitution, of privacy. That small sovereign unit is eradicated, and our children are no longer ours. They’re public children and they belong to the education system; and they belong to the country; and they belong to the village—but not to us. This is about the total obliteration of the family. Ultimately, there will be no more family, covenants, or any form of private, sovereign units that stand up against the corruption. Or, to borrow a line from a popular science fiction TV show, “Resistance is Futile!”

For America, where did all of this begin? Contraception, perhaps the biggest lie fostered out of the Women’s Lib/Feminist Movement. History clearly records the impact of contraception on the behavior and morals of our country. Once again man has undermined God’s purposes, and sought to eliminate the consequences of sin. Contraception does this. It allows sex without children. For the first time, the greatest restraint against having sex is eliminated. Previously, the greatest natural restraint against having sex with anybody, anytime, anywhere, was the great possibility that children would be produced. The next greatest restraint was the possibility of disease. The discovery of Penicillin in the late 1800’s and the mass production and use by the early 30’s, consequently removed that restraint as well. So, contraception comes along and you can have sex without children. However, that seemingly fails to be sufficient, so abortion is added. Now you can have sex without children, and should that fail, and a child is conceived, no problem, just kill it. Problem solved. YOLO-sin on.

Like that airplane, flying blind and at maximum speed, our society and culture was unable to simply stop there. We moved even further into the chaotic and uncharted territory we see today. We’ve flown full circle. We started with sex without children, to the point that in our scientific brilliance we can have children without sex. We now manufacture babies. Two lesbians can have a baby. A lesbian can have planted in her womb a living being from somebody else. Children can be manufactured. The storyline from Star Wars, creating clone troopers, is no longer beyond the realm of possibility. Not accidentally, there are negative consequences for the institution of marriage. The normal reason for marriage, a man and woman coming together to produce children, has been completely perverted and convoluted. Now you can have sex without children, and children without sex. We will simply make them. With that, the next question in this slipstream of logic then becomes, why do you need a family? A husband? A wife?

In America today we are witnessing an explosive and aggressive expansion of this sin. Sure, it’s always been there, but it was spoken of in whispers and hushes and shielded from the eyes and ears of our children. Not now! It’s everywhere. The President, leaders of the nation, the Supreme Court, all affirm the nobility of this immorality, perversion and deviancy. This then seems indicative of the fact that that we are now living in times as described in the Bible, the book of Romans, chapter 1. How does one observe the wrath of God unleashed against a nation or society? Romans 1:24, shows that the first step downwards- there is a sexual revolution. Well, that is now history, we have already experienced this. Second, there will be a homosexual revolution led by lesbians. The women are mentioned first in Romans 1:26:

“For even their women did exchange the natural use for that which is against nature, and likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust toward one another; men with men working that which is not fitting, and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which was fitting.”

It is noteworthy that in 1981 statistics indicated that, 1.3 percent of all males identified as homosexual and only .05 percent of all females. In 2014, The Washington Post reported that number to now be 1.8 percent of males and 1.5 percent of females now self-identify as homosexual and lesbian. So there appears to have been a resistance, on the part of women, which is now obviously breaking down, as the statistics, are nearly equivalent. Perhaps women are resistant because of the nature of their creation as a responder to men by design, and because they are the led rather than the leaders, they come along a little more slowly in this end. That is why Paul says this, “For even their women did this,” because there is something especially shocking about that.

What follows is the reprobate mind. This is when the thinking is really the product of the sexual and homosexual revolutions, and the thinking is so corrupt we can’t find our way back, as it appears to be now. The people in our country tasked with the responsibility of thinking clearly for “ We The People,” the President, the leaders, the Supreme Court, those who are supposed to be the most clear-minded, clear-headed and who are charged with the greatest responsibility to protect this nation—they literally can’t think straight. The reprobate mind has now ascended the bench. The reprobate mind has now reached the highest levels of our government, and history has shown that at such a level, will now demand the reprobate mind everywhere else. When that mind dominates, we see the results at the end of Romans 1. Where there is a depraved mind, all that is improper begins to happen:

“All unrighteousness, wickedness, greed, evil, envy, murder, strife, deceit, malice, gossips, slanders, haters of God, insolent, arrogant, boastful, inventors of evil, disobedient to parents, without understanding, untrustworthy, unloving, unmerciful, and though they know the ordinance of God, that those who practice such things are worthy of death, they not only do the same, but they give hearty approval to those who practice them.”

Just as those pilots crashed into the sea and killed themselves and all aboard, we are failing to comprehend and recognize the warning signs. Amidst all of the crossed signals and confusing readings, though we think we are soaring, we are descending.

America is often times compared to Rome, and rightly so. There are striking similarities. Back in the days before such advanced video games, board games such as Risk and Axis and Allies, were responsible for many hours of stimulating intellectual exercises and the fascinating way history could have played out. Unlike most games today, where you have a seemingly unending supply of weapons and ammunition, those board games required you to plan for the accumulation of the resources to wage war. Even today, as politicians proclaim that we are going to rebuild America’s military might, given this current economic environment, none have said how. Typical high school and college history views the fall of Rome from primarily a military perspective. The barbarians from the Northern quarter successfully launched an attack and given time, Rome fell. While that played an important role, it was not alone in the elements leading up to the Rome’s demise. Just as there is more to the factors impacting the United States than just the threats of ISIS, China, Russia and North Korea or Iran; there are many domestic threads that weave the tapestry of what the United States consists of as well.
Let’s examine Rome, some 2 millennia ago and see the similarities with America’s own recent history. In the 5th century BC: Roman civilization is a strong patriarchy, men are liable for the actions of their wife and children, and have absolute authority over the family. This would closely correspond to the colonization and formation of the United States. Culturally and socially, from around 1700 until about 1920 in America, the family unit is essentially the same. It is patriarchal. Or as many in the modern social engineering practice condescendingly refer to it: the “father knows best years. Sexual promiscuity by women is considered the height of shameful behavior, and equally so viewed for men as well. Monogamy is held up as the ideal arrangement without exception. Those areas considered to be on the American frontier could be held as the exception to the general rule of the day, as prostitution and rabble-rousing were widespread there. Those of lower class society observed those in the upper tiers as exemplars of moral rectitude.
In the 1st Century BC: Roman civilization blossoms into the most powerful and advanced civilization in the world. Material wealth is astounding, citizens (i.e.: non slaves) do not need to work. They have running water, baths and import spices from thousands of miles away. The Romans enjoy the arts and philosophy; they know and appreciate democracy, commerce, science, human rights, animal rights, children’s rights, and women become emancipated. No-fault divorce is enacted, and quickly becomes popular by the end of the century. This corresponds to the period in America from 1920 until roughly 1970. America, recovering from the Civil War, sees itself rising to the height of power. The aftermath of WWII, wherein the United States supplants the British Empire as an economic and military entity, becomes fact. A superpower is born. It possesses an economic and military power, unseen in all recorded history. While the world digs out from under the rubble of consecutive wars and Communist programs, the United States now has its flag flying on a fleets of aircraft carriers. And on military bases it trades with Great Britain during the war. Returning veterans arrive home to a predominantly homogeneous population, with relatively inexpensive housing for those industrious enough and who are willing to put in an honest day’s work. The unknown consequences of WWII upon the population were yet to be witnessed. Taking men from their homes and farms, moving them abroad, indeed all around the planet, exposed them to foreign ideas and behaviors of which they had previously been completely unaware. Away from the watchful eyes of community and family, not fearing any accountability, they participated in these vices. Having women fill the ranks in the many factories, and doing many other functions formerly held by men, changed the societal equation. The suffrage movement that had given women the right to vote just a quarter of a century before the end of WWII, had achieved critical mass. The cultural Cyanide had been swallowed and spread quickly through the body of our nation. The dark shroud of the equality era is about to descend. In halls of academia and in public school classrooms the trend begins. Individuals undeserving of accolades become pedestalized, while the historically significant and patriots are denigrated.
Rome, 1st to 2nd century AD: The family unit is destroyed. Men refuse to marry and the government tries to revive marriage with a “bachelor tax”, to no avail. Children are growing up without fathers, Roman women show little interest in raising their own children and frequently use nannies. The wealth and power of women grows very fast, while men become increasingly demotivated and engage in prostitution and vice. Prostitution and homosexuality become widespread. Not much cause for elaboration here, as this is self-evidently America from 1970 to 2000. The scourge of single family homes, fatherlessness, free and easy divorce, child support laws, majority female colleges, women in the military, and women forced to be admitted into schools like VMI, the discussion of the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, a move towards gay marriage. In short, the ultimate expression of anti-discrimination, anti-authority, anti-Christian values, superseded by individualist ideology. Criminals have more rights than victims, the young ignore their elders, who in turn renege on their traditional responsibility to act as examples for the young.
Rome, 3rd to 4th century AD: A moral and demographic collapse takes place, Roman population declines due to below-replacement birth-rate. Vice and massive corruption are rampant while the new-born Catholic religion is gaining power (it becomes the religion of the Empire in 380 AD). There is extreme economic, political, and military instability: there are 25 successive emperors in half a century (many end up assassinated), the Empire is ungovernable and on the brink of civil war. The a-ha moment as they say. We are almost to the present, and if you were born after 1992 and can observe and comprehend, you’ll get this. This summarizes the period from 2000 to 2010 America’s progression through the stages of empire transpires at a higher rate of speed than Rome. This is most likely due to the technological differences brought about by the ability to utilize high tech mass communication. The indigenous population of America, especially the disciplined and socially desirable of that population, have either reduced their procreative activities or ceased them altogether. Vice and corruption are on the rise. Think Chicago, Detroit, The Community Reinvestment Act, Goldman Sachs, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, Enron, Madoff, etc. Economic and political instability are the order of the day. While America’s presidents aren’t being assassinated, our elections have been nail biters since 2000, and partisanship is at a fevered pitch. The rebirth of Islam threatens to co-opt the sympathies of Western societies’ rootless rejects and masculinized women. The inmates now run the asylum, and the evidence of diseased reprobate minds now control all levels of society.
Rome, 5th century AD: The Empire is ruled by an elite of military men that use the Emperor as a puppet; due to massive debts and financial problems, the Empire cannot afford to hire foreign mercenaries to defend itself (Roman citizens having long ago been replaced by mercenaries in the army), and starts “selling” parts of the Empire in exchange for protection. Eventually, the mercenaries figure out that the “Emperor has no clothes”, and overrun and pillage the Empire. And here we are. America, present day, is seemingly ruled by an elite of cognitive jackpot winners who use the President as a puppet. Massive debt and financial chicanery is practically enshrined in law. The army is less and less filled with the demographic slice of American citizens that used to make up its ranks. In an effort to reduce spiraling budget deficits, America has found its own mercenaries. UN peacekeepers, private contractors such as Academi (formerly Blackwater), bribed warlords, arm-twisted allies, recent unassimilated immigrants, and the desperate, poor are constituting a larger part of the tip of the spear that projects American power. The number of U.S. Army soldiers on active duty has been reduced to its lowest since 1940, according to a published report. The Army Times reported this weekend that the Army’s endstrength for March was 479,172. That’s 154 fewer soldiers than the service’s previous post-World War II low, which was reached during the Army’s post-Cold War drawdown in 1999. The report says the active force has been reduced by more than 16,500 troops over the past year — the equivalent of about three brigades.

America is in the process of slow-motion selling off of the Southwest to appease the millions of peasant illegals it cavalierly allowed to invade and settle in the country. These parallels with Rome’s fall should make you feel queasy about the future of this nation. And the bellwether is the morality and sexual behavior of the citizens of our republic.
It’s not just God telling us this in His word. In his 1979 book, Our Dance Has Turned to Death , sociologist Carl W. Wilson outlined the dangers facing traditional marriage and the family in America’s increasingly sexualized culture. Wilson could clearly see what was going to happen to the American family if our society continued to be sex saturated. Wilson noted that history reveals that nations decline and eventually die when sexual immorality becomes rampant and the traditional family is discarded in favor of group sex, homosexuality, infidelity, and unrestrained sexual hedonism. He pointed to the writings of British anthropologist J. D. Unwin, whose 1934 book, Sex and Culture, chronicled the historical decline of numerous cultures. Unwin studied 86 different cultures throughout history and discovered a surprising fact:

“No nation that rejected monogamy in marriage and pre-marital sexual chastity lasted longer than a generation after it embraced sexual hedonism.”

Unwin stated it this way:

“In human records there is no instance of a society retaining its energy after a complete new generation has inherited a tradition which does not insist on prenuptial and postnuptial continence.”

Unwin found that nations that valued traditional marriage and sexual abstinence were creative and flourished. He described this as “cultural energy” that can only be maintained when sexual activities remain restricted within marriage.

Sociologist Pitirim Sorokin, in The American Sex Revolution , found essentially the same thing when he examined sexual immorality as it relates to cultural decline. Sorokin noted in the late 60’s that America was committing “voluntary suicide” through unrestrained sexual indulgence. He observed that as individuals began engaging in pre-marital sex unrelated to marriage, the birth rate would decline and our nation would be slowly depopulated. He predicted an increase in divorce, desertion, and an epidemic of sexual promiscuity resulting in a rise in illegitimate children, poverty, educational obstacles, domestic violence and depression. Sorokin’s study of decadent cultures convinced him that a healthy society can only survive if strong families exist and sexual activities are restricted to within marriage. Sexual promiscuity leads inevitably to cultural decline and eventual collapse.

Carl Wilson notes that decadent cultures repeatedly display typical characteristics: Men reject spiritual and moral development as the leaders of families; men begin to neglect their families in search of material gain; women begin to devalue the role of motherhood and homemaker; men begin to engage in adulterous relationships or homosexual sex; women seek to loosen themselves from male leadership and become sexually promiscuous, looking to the government to replace the men in their lives; husbands and wives begin to compete with each other and families disintegrate; selfish individualism fragments society into warring factions; and men and women reject God and all authority over their lives. Soon, moral anarchy reigns. When the family collapses, the society soon follows. And there it is. We need only look out our front doors to know that the truths that God promised, and the observations made throughout history, are now upon us. No culture or civilization has lasted long after allowing the sexual genie out of the bottle. Once unleashed, as we see now every day, the chances of getting this most powerful and most base human passion is historically an impossibility. It has not been achieved by any other nation before us, and I seriously doubt we will be the ones to break with history.
With the SCOTUS ruling last summer, all of the cultural chaos and confusion that now has our military men being ordered to parade around in high heels, with our children scratching their heads as to why they have two mommies or two daddies or asking if they even have a daddy, coupled with sexually deviant and the self-mutilated being considered heroes—and as we now have two presumptive presidential candidates whom no one feels can be completely trusted to be the leader of the free world—the question is, how much longer oh Lord?

Practical atheism, rejection of the truth, moral relativism has always prevailed in Satan’s kingdom. Up until now in America, we were protected from that in its full fierceness. That time has certainly ceased hasn’t it? America was blessed, but like those who went before us, we too lost sight and are losing the fight. God never promised any of us religious liberty. Nor did He ever promise us freedom. The one thing He did repeatedly warn us of and promised to us was persecution.
But it is not too late. The time is growing short, but there is still time to turn around. 1st Corinthians 6, verse 9:

“Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate nor homosexuals nor thieves, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, will inherit the kingdom of God.”

That pretty much sums it up for everyone doesn’t it these days? However, with that God gives hope. In 1st Corinthians 6, verse 11:

“Such were some of you; but you were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and in the Spirit of our God.”

Both Isaiah, speaking for God, and Paul, speaking for God, offers salvation to sinners. Even to those who have fallen to this vile, perverted, destructive sin.
Our static ports have been taped shut. SCOTUS and a laundry list of organizations have all endeavored to continue our aircraft on a perilous course. A course that has never worked at any time in the history of the world and it never will work, as it flies directly against Him who created the universe. But there is a hope, personally and nationally, should we choose it. Just as God promised to bless those who bless Israel, and curse those who curse Israel, He gave us this promise in 2 Chronicles 7:14:

 “If my people, among whom my Name is called upon, do humble themselves, and pray and seek my presence, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear in heaven and be merciful to their sin, and will heal their land.”

Our current culture is failing, it is not working, is it not time to unmask the static ports and fly right?


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Hank Martin
HANK MARTIN is an Albemarle native, a graduate of Albemarle High School and PVCC majoring in Business Management. He has an extensive history of participating in the local Cub and Boy Scout Programs, both as a Scout and later as Scout Master, as well as having been a member of the Monticello Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol. He has also served as a leader in church youth character building programs, such as AWANA's and the Royal Ambassadors. He is an avid student of both Biblical and world history as well as Biblical prophecy. He participated in the adoption of the school anti-bullying legislation sponsored by delegate Rob Bell. In 2006, in response to proposed ordinances by the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors regarding property rights, he founded and chaired Forever Albemarle, a personal property rights group. He resides in Albemarle County with his wife, and one of their two sons, the other now a resident out of state.


  1. I’ve only skimmed this very briefly, but the following sentence jumped out at me: Wilson noted that history reveals that nations decline and eventually die when sexual immorality becomes rampant and the traditional family is discarded in favor of group sex, homosexuality, infidelity, and unrestrained sexual hedonism.

    Logic predicts and history shows that hedonism and infidelity harm society, but I’m trying to think of a society that has discarded the family FOR those things, and I bet you can’t name one and give us its history.

    The next time you’re in a preaching mood, I suggest you look up stats on divorce and promiscuity and drug use in red vs. blue states. If we Christians did a lot less preaching and even a little more walking the walk, we’d actually have a witness, and you guys might eventually have a lot less to rant about. But would you like that?

  2. I’m trying to think of a society that has discarded the family FOR those things, and I bet you can’t name one and give us its history. ROME! History cited. There are 85 more cultures as indicated in my piece, studied by J D Unwin. Check it out.

    If we Christians did a lot less preaching and even a little more walking the walk, we’d actually have a witness, and you guys might eventually have a lot less to rant about. But would you like that?

    In Old Testament times, ALL of the aforementioned problems, both in this piece, and the one I submitted prior, were quite easily handled. The participants were put to death. Sounds harsh, it was harsh, for a reason. The best deterrents to such vile behavior was the visible consequences. After Christ came, those same actions were “put to death” so to speak, by the acceptance and salvation of Christ. You espouse the notion that we Christians be less preachy. How can we be preachy today? Every avenue that was once protected by the Constitution, which allowed for the transmission of the gospel, has been eradicated. Our government, perverted by those whose only means to attain power, is by the encouragement of sin, vice and deviant behavior, thereby increasing a voting block chained to a government of handouts, is the very agency which silences the ability to preach. The consequences of sin have been neutralized and subsidized. Our forced silence insures that those needing to hear the freeing gospel, can’t. It is no accident that the government allows the ministry of Christ in its prisons, without complaint. The prisons contain a peoples who cannot vote, and are no longer useful to the candidates who need to grow government. However, Tricky Terry has seen to rethink this as well.

  3. “The next time you’re in a preaching mood, I suggest you look up stats on divorce and promiscuity and drug use in red vs. blue states.”

    And there we have it: ((((( the my disposition based on what’s in red versus blue states. )))))

    Oh if I had a paycheck for everytime that’s been used as a drop by every diverse potently omnificent engaged local activist. This is really priceless and prescient. Oh but don’t let anyone else dare attribute being anywhere jaded indirectly by your entire view. In another some snowflake’s individual motve operandi, no civil discourse should actually tolerate any comment polarizingly offered contrarily.

    Don’t bother to exhaust yourself and just keep on ranting instead. We each have plently to keep ourselves and everyone else indulged enough with.

  4. I would just point out that Harvard sociologist Carle C. Zimmerman, in his 1947 sociological history Family And Civilization, said this was one of the marks of a declining civilization (it was observed in Greece and Rome near the end of their lives). When expressive individualism becomes the guiding principle of a people’s understanding of sex and sexuality, it becomes far more difficult to form stable families. The State will grow ever more powerful as it is called on to do the work that families used to do.

    So there were few traditional families left in Rome when it fell? Or none at all? I’m not disagreeing that sexual license corrodes society. I’m taking issue with your hyperbole. There are no 85 societies which basically said “forget family life, we’ll just have group sex, homosexuality, infidelity, and unrestrained sexual hedonism,” and have died as a result. You named none, and as far as we know there are none.

    It’s ironic that you guys place such a high value on tightknit families but oppose extending to gays an institution which greatly helps cement family ties – marriage. I respect, although I don’t share, your Biblically based opposition to homosexuality, but you’ve lost that battle. Do you want to stand on principle now, or do you want to give kids growing up with gay parents stable families? If you really care about the kids, that’s a question worth asking.

    I’m not saying you should evangelize less. I’m saying that just lambasting liberals all the time, instead of empathizing with them, is the opposite of evangelizing, because it only makes them turn away and close their minds. They can’t hear the gospel, which begins with the love of God, through all the disdain. Better to begin by noting that we’re all grievous sinners for whom Christ died. Better to meditate on what it means to love one’s enemies. Better to respond directly to arguments against Christian ethics (and conservative policies) instead of dismissively labeling everyone who challenges them as ungodly, even when they are. You don’t change minds unless you change hearts. If you (and I) really care about changing the culture, or at least preserving the good that remains, this is the kind of work we have to do. Mere denunciations feel good but accomplish nothing.

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