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America is in crisis. For the urban poor, the crisis is a national emergency. Last month I attended the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. I fully expected an exposition of the usual conservative positions on the economy, national security, the military, energy, taxes and the national debt. Although I was not holding my breath, it was also my hope that Donald Trump would tackle what the first black President has ignored for nearly eight years – a real solution to the poverty, violence, and educational failure plaguing the inner cities of America.

While he did not offer a comprehensive plan, I was pleased that he at least addressed the issue. “Nearly four in ten African-American children are living in poverty, while 58% of African American youth are not employed,” Donald Trump said at the Republican Convention in Cleveland. He could have added that this is the result of sixty years of government spending on the War on Poverty, the Great Society, affirmative action, set asides and welfare to the tune of about three trillion dollars. To say that government intervention has not worked is to be kind. It has been a disaster of cataclysmic proportions.

Before liberal noblesse oblige took hold in the black community, 80% of black children were raised in two parent families with a married mother and father. Now 72% of black children are born out of wedlock and 66% are raised in single parent female headed households. Gangs, violence, drug dealing and poverty can all be traced to the absence of fathers in the home, a direct result of liberal welfare policies.

Black Lives Matters, the radical group sanctioned by the President and elites of the Democrat Party, says one of their guiding principles is “disrupting the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement…” The phrase “Western construct” is code language for white. A father and mother raising children is not a racial idea. It was designed by God, and has been a blessing to every racial and ethnic group that has ever existed. If the left were truly interested in helping the the urban poor, they would seek to strengthen the black family, not disrupt it.

For too long Democrat elites have been so arrogant as to say that refusal to adhere to liberal orthodoxy means you are not authentically black. The result has been to keep black people in poverty and Democrats in power. They have campaigned in black churches, while undermining the black family and suppressing the growth of the black population through abortion. It is time for Americans of African descent to realize that Democrats not only don’t care about them, they don’t even like them. The recent revelation of DNC emails shows one trail between top DNC officials talking about a black female Democrat named LaQueenia. One official wrote, “LaQueenia is a NAME! I’m sorry boo. I hope you got a raise with this title.” If conservatives said something similar, the charges of racism would reverberate from the LA Times to the Washington Post.

Hillary Clinton is committed to the same disastrous policies which have kept black people in poverty for three generations.It has been over 60 years since Lyndon Johnson announced the so-called war on poverty, and $22 trillion dollars later, the overall poverty levels have scarcely budged. Grandmothers, mothers and daughters often live together in the the same government housing, surviving on the same government programs. Democrats have promised the world and given only concrete jungles and food stamp allotments.

Donald Trump has his shortcomings, but he has a vision to create a growing economy that produces jobs as opposed to creating dependence. We need to unleash the dynamic potential of the American people to work and produce, build and grow, create, invent and innovate. We need to reignite the engine of the American economy, which will make life better for everyone, and provide an escape for those trapped in poverty. That is the best recovery plan the government can ever hope to offer impoverished Americans. My organization, STAND Foundation, Inc. has written a comprehensive private sector recovery plan for America’s inner cities called Project Awakening. It calls for a partnership between churches, businesses, private schools and other nongovernmental institutions to reinvigorate the inner cities.

How much longer will we lament the thousands of young men who die in street violence, the many children born without fathers to help guide them, the abandoned buildings, drug houses and filthy streets which characterize our urban areas? Democrat elites are satisfied to blame racism because it lets them off the hook. They rule over these islands of misery, and nothing ever changes. It is time for the Black community to abandon the Democratic Party, and rally behind policies which lift people out of poverty. It is time to stop supporting what has become a party of moral and economic bankruptcy. It is time to restore the inspired vision of one nation under God, as opposed to the insidious vision of a divided nation under government.

When you lay aside Democrat propaganda and racial demagoguery, the choice between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is an easy one.

E.W Jackson is a Marine Corps Veteran, retired attorney, 2013 Republican Nominee for Lt. Governor of Virginia, President of STAND Foundation, Inc. [], and Bishop of THE CALLED Church.

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