In the liberal Democrat mecca known as Charlbemarle, peaceful political coexistence seemingly is one-sided. (Photo: October 2, 2016 at the entrance to Carrsbrook.)


  1. Left lies matter!
    Most people in my part of the country don’t bother putting up political signs or bumper stickers, you get reminded quickly that lefties think freedom of speech is only for looney lefties, all other speech is deemed “hate speech”. It’s part of their awesome tolerant virtues. This region is completely polluted with lefties, and amazingly, taxes are sky high, hair is purple and green. I laugh my ass off at those hillarytards who grab a Trump sign, get shocked then both of their brain cells connect for once, they look around and run like chickens. They end up on youtube so everyone can see what cowardly vandals they are. I say step up the power, 10,000 volts might wake those koolaidheads up! What difference does it make?


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